We caught up with the team behind London based party brand Infinity to source some on the ground, local knowledge on our wonderful capital city. Tickets for the next Infinity event at Lightbox, London this Saturday (19th December) are available right here on Ticket Tannoy. Guests include Andre Crom, Clive Henry, Saytek (live) and Walker & Royce and many more.

So guys, where did the name Infinity come from and how did the parties first come about?

Infinity was a culmination of all the parties and events we had been involved in, working with other brands and promoters. We really wanted to develop our own night without artist restriction and barriers - to develop a brand that delivered quality music with DJs/producers from the UK & overseas. There was no real science to the name it was all about keeping things simple yet memorable and somehow represent the energy of UK clubbing.
Partying and raving under the Infinity brand name seemed to fit well and capture our 'forever wanting to have fun' ethos!

How long have you been clubbing in London and what are your fondest memories from over the years?

As a collective we grew up in London - born & bred, and just got captivated in the London night life - early memories of Bagleys warehouse & World Dance parties at Wembley arena NYE stand out for me. We had a strong love for the UK Garage sound and slowly got introduced to house music through US artists Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer, Todd Edwards & MK productions in their early days of beat making.

What is your favourite venue / party space in London at the moment?

Fabric & Studio 338 seem to have things just right regarding space & sound in a 'Super Club'- They always deliver quality nights on a regular basis. Tobacco Dock is fast emerging as the place to be at regarding large scale indoor events in London right now. I also think Great Suffolk Street Car Park has staged some top nights over the years and really captures the 'London Underground' essence. Fire in Vauxhall is also a cool space - a great medium size venue with quality light & sound set up.

…and what about the past - the ones that have sadly since closed down for one reason or another?

Watching EZ at Vauxhall Colosseum is a great distant memory, Bagleys in Kings Cross, Turnmills and Cable club also hold many fond times. We must also mention the legendary End club - sadly venue closures are a reality now due to London gentrification which has kicked-in big time!

North, East, South or West… which is best and why?

I personally spent most of my youth clubbing mainly in South - but Bagleys in North & Turnmills in EC1 held its own back then. The West End had some decent venues especially the infamous 'End Club' - North has Egg now so West London seems to have fallen off the clubbing ladder for me, East London warehouse events have put them way ahead but Ministry Of Sound & Great Suffolk Street is definitely flying the South flag!

What is the best thing about London in the winter?

The cold nights are not fun but knowing summer is coming back around again keeps the spirits up, also London at night looks amazing when you cross over the bridges, London can really shape up well on a cold winter night!

Where is the best place for food in London?

Depending on your taste buds - Shoreditch has some really cool local places for food - Brick Lane will never disappoint, we are really spoilt for choice as London has a vast array of top notch places for food! I would also say head over to Borough Market and check out the great selection, you can always relay on quality produce when buying food there!

Are there any secret gems in London that you would like to share with us?

London is steeped in history and needs to really be explored, so much to see and do with very little time in the day or week. I would say explore the history of locations in London to uncover really cool gems! Visit art museums and make the most of our rich and robust history..

Besides your own events, who else is putting on a decent party in London at the moment?

The Found festivals have been impressive as they explore the diverse genres in dance music - LWE always amazes with production and line ups, their Tobacco Dock events are on a different level and have shown us how to construct proper full on production events in the heart of London. We also like what Studio 338 are doing regarding event & music structure catering to all dance preferences..

And finally, what else can we expect from Infinity in the new year?

Infinity is still learning and growing steadily so hopefully with some constancy we can continue to deliver parties and take the brand in a positive direction - by trying to keep things fresh and deliver parties of quality with cool DJs from around the World but never forgetting our UK roots with home-grown artists!

For more information on the next Infinity event and to bag your self some tickets please see below…