We caught up with London based party brand Blessed to find out what they’re all about, what they’ve been up to in recent years and what they have coming up soon.

Tell us a little bit about Bless - where the name came from and how the concept came together…?

We did parties in South London at Corsica Studios for years called Off Modern, and when Birthdays opened 3 years ago we wanted to do an East London monthly party with a new name. The name actually came from looking at religious iconography and that name popping up in a session, that mixed with our music policy it was the perfect match. 

What is your favourite thing about your venue for Friday 5th February? 

Its just a real nice space for a party, wicked sound system, small enough to feel cosy, big enough to not feel claustrophobic - no attitude 

Tell us about some of your guest DJs, past and future… any particularly memorable sets? 

The Snakehips boys come down regularly come and play, amazing to see their success, Murlo's development as a producer and DJ has been amazing to see, he played our first party at Birthdays. DJ Cable is consistently the best party DJ out there. Madam X is our favourite.

If you were to summarise Bless in 5 tracks, what would they be?  


Sia - Little Man (Exeman Works / Wookie Remix)

Lil Silva - Seasons 

Beyonce - 7/11

Sam Gellaitry - Long Distance

Black Rob - Whoa 

What would your dream line up be, dead or alive? 

The original Roll Deep line up circa 2005.

Aside from your own events - who else is putting on a good party in London these days? 

So many - Forever / Joyride / Don't Watch That / Gold Teeth / Hipsters Don't Dance.

What else do you have planned for the rest of 2016? 

We will be putting on parties every month and then we will also be heading out to play the summer festivals, which we’re busy working on at the moment.  Tickets for the next Bless event at Birthdays, East London with special guests DJ Pied Piper, MC PSG and Joyride are available right here on Ticket Tannoy.

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