Introducing Indo Silver Club - the London based party brand who will be bringing Iconic, Italian electronic music producer Alexander Robotnick to The Dot in Stoke Newington (East London) on Saturday 1st August.

So guys, tell us a little bit about Indo Silver Club, where the name came from and how the concept come together? 

When we chose the name, we thought everybody would understand straight away - but nobody ever has! It's the name of a track from Daft Punk's Homework, which is one of our favourite albums. I wanted to call the night #KanyeWest, but got overruled by the other two who thought that made no sense.

The whole thing exists essentially to throw parties that we'd want to go to ourselves! London clubbing can be a massive hassle, and it seems like you see the same lineups every week, so we just wanted to start booking people we wanted to see while trying to keep the ticket price down for our friends! 

Which 5 tracks best sum up your party? 

That's a tough one, since just booking who we want to see means our music policy hasn't always been... coherent!

I'll go with:

Todd Terje - Inspector Norse

Green Velvet - Flash (The Advent & Industrialyzer remix)

Rhye - The Fall (Maurice Fulton Remix)

OG Swaggerdick - Supersonic

Bran Van 3000 - Drinking in LA

I think the last one only makes sense if you've still been with us at 10am.

What can we expect to see, hear… maybe even taste and smell, at your forthcoming party on August 1st?

You'll definitely be able to smell a lot of disco. As I'm sure anyone reading is aware, Alexander Robotnick is an Italo-disco pioneer, and our resident Hans Flayling has spent his entire fee on new disco records in preparation (joking, we don't pay him).

You can also expect to hear mental cosmic synths from Dubka, who'll be playing a live set from a modular synth in a suitcase, and I can't tell you what to expect from LD! Anyone familiar with the Spacebass show on NTS will know it'll be anything from disco to techno to hip hop to soul. Oh, and Party Rings. Everyone knows it's not a party without Party Rings, so if you get down early enough you can taste Party Rings.

What would your dream line up be, dead or alive? 

The Avalanches, Trim, Kevin Saunderson, and Frankie Knuckles. I'm not really sure how that night would work out, though.

Tell us about your resident DJs?

There's just the one, Hans Flayling, which is a name he's far too proud of. We used to live together, and he has a huge collection of house and disco records he's amassed over the last 40 years, so we asked him to play our first party and haven't managed to get rid of him yet.

What else do you have planned for Indo Silver Club in 2015?

I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow yet! We've started throwing a few names around for the next one, but at the moment we're focused on making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time for this one!

Is there anything else you would like to mention? 

Alexander Robotnick will be hosting a guest show on NTS the afternoon of the party, so if you can't make it down make sure you tune into that! There's no reason why you shouldn't make it down though, it's a Saturday night and although we've put the price up elsewhere, you can still grab a £5 ticket from TicketTannoy! Also jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams.

Don’t forget - tickets for Indo Silver Club with Alexander Robotnick on Saturday August 1st are available below…