Introducing Keep It Deep - the London based electronic music website, podcast series and party brand which has seen the likes of DJ Qu, Mike Huckaby and Amir Alexander offer up their contributions in recent years. We caught up with Keep It Deep founder and resident DJ Mohson Stars to find out what the Keep It Deep gang have been up to and what they have coming up in the future, amongst other things.

So Mohson, which came first - the website or the events?

The website came first, we have done four events since 2010 and the first party we hooked up with the Fear of Flying crew, Jay & Ben and also Soho from Phonica Records in an warehouse space way back in 2011. Since then we have done a few more and the last one was August bank holiday at Tipsy Bar stoke Newington which is an intimate basement type affair with Martin Audio sound system

Where did the name Keep It Deep come from and how did the concept came together?

K / D Keep It Deep started in 2010 after I left an staff writing position at Resident Advisor for a few years. I wanted to do my own thing on my own terms at my own pace. The ethos is simple ‘electronic music nurtured and exposed’ we work with internationally recognised names and also local talent. I carried on doing feature interviews and the list includes DJ Qu, Keith Worthy, Nina Kraviz, Baaz, Oliverwho Factory, Santiago Salazar, Jenifa Mayanja & Joey Anderson to name a few. If you like your house & techno deep then you know you know who these heads are. We slowly developed into an podcast series and we are proudly up to podcast fourteen and we can include DJ Qu, Nick Craddock, Amir Alexander, Afrikan Sciences, Mike Huckaby, Claus Voigtmann, Rubin, Finn Johansen, Bruno Schmidt, Scott Ferguson, Joe Ellis, Matteo Manzini, Mark Nichols O & Ajtim as previous artists. We already have the next four confirmed so watch this space for K / D in 2016.

Tell us about some of your previous guest DJs, have there been any particularly memorable sets?

For the August bank holiday we had Soho from Phonica Records, Georgio from Damaged, Michael Yume of Yume Records & Bryn Williams of Into the Woods. We are all friends and if we cannot break bread together its hard to DJ with someone or go b2b, we definitely endorse that intrinsic family energy, its important and the music and crowd can sense it! We did an party on two week’s notice and it went down very well, most important elements the music was on point and all DJs went b2b at the end and the atmosphere was perfect, friendly, mates, smiles, dancing, no cameras and a lot of pressure released on the dance floor.

You have had some great guests on your K/D podcast series as well. Which of the series has been your favourite and why?

The podcast is my own guilty pleasure so over the years I can look back and have an documented diary of what I was into, and all the podcast artists I have an connection with so Its hard for me to choose one. I was very humbled to have DJ Qu kick off the first podcast and to say this day DJ Qu is an big inspiration in a lot of ways, no ego, humility, modesty and passion for your artwork are key. All the featured podcast artists have these qualities, music is only an small part of why we work with these artists.

What would your dream line up be, dead or alive?

My dream line up for an K / D party would be an 12 hour party on an deserted island with three back to back sets from Tama Sumo & Lakuti of Panorama Bar fame, Ricardo Villalobos & Zip b2b representing Perlon and finally Ben UFO & Craig Richards bringing that UK energy.

What is your favourite record label at the moment?

I don’t really have moments but Perlon records run by Zip is so consistent with its artwork and family of artists I have so many of them from various artists for that stripped back Techno sound & Nervous Records founded by Sam Weiss never leave my bag also, bringing that New York house sound I have an soft spot for.

Who is your all time favourite DJ and why?

I don’t really have an all time favourite DJ but the ones I have seen the most over the years include Move D, Zip, Tama Sumo & Lakuti and DJ Qu, they all bring an certain energy and musicality which makes them stand out.

What is your favourite thing about your venue for New Years Day?

Tipsy bar basement is small, wooden, intimate, powered by Martin Audio sound and it feels like an family affair, something familiar and comfortable, something never to stressful, the perfect place to hear some interesting music.

Aside from your own events - who else is putting on a decent party in London these days?

We are spoilt these days in London, it’s just we don’t know it, so here goes in no particular order, Secretsundaze, Toi Toi, Half Baked, Gateway to Zen, Art of Dark are all well respected and bring something different in terms of sound, art direction, crowd and vibe!

What else do you have planned for the rest of 2015 / going into 2016?

2016 will be an step up in pace for K / D with more podcasts, more parties, more features all at an measured pace, we appreciate there is so much out there that we want to go the quality over quality route.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Last mention, the majority of London people who go out clubbing and support the community, from buying records, supporting events and small clubs and small online projects and more importantly make London an open, safe and fun place, big respect from me! There is a lot going on in the world and creativity and music are much needed and London will always be relevant and hope full!

Tickets for the Keep It Deep New Years Day party with Isherwood, Gwenan and many more are available right here on Ticket Tannoy. See below for further details…