To most of us, the word ‘choir’ conjures up (at worst) visions of dusty pews and community halls or (at best) dancing nuns a-la Sister Act; but a crew of determined Londoners are out to change that.

Some Voices are a contemporary, independent choir where everyone has a voice and an opportunity to belt out a tune they love with abandon – on April 27 th they’re set to bring a truly unique immersive experience to London, honouring iconic NYC music institution Studio 54 with a glittering performance at the mighty Printworks.

We caught up with musical director Curtis Stansfield for a quick chat…


Some Voices is a little different to your average choir – for those not familiar, can you sum up the concept and also tell us why you’re so fabulous?!

Our tagline is ‘choir without the boring bits’ which sums up the concept pretty well we think. Some Voices is having fun through the joy of singing, in a non-religious nor classical way. There are no auditions, sheet music, or dress-code (although glitter is pretty much compulsory during our shows), so anyone AND everyone is welcome to join. We’re basically one giant (awesome sounding) family/dating association.

How many members of Some Voices are there currently and what challenges have you faced due to your growing size?

Our Studio 54 show is going to feature 500 singers. Our main challenge is finding a venue to host this many of us for the performance, which is why we’re so excited about using the epic Printworks London. It’s gonna be MEGA. We always need more men in the choir… there are loads of ladies though. So if you’re looking for love as well as a good ol' sing, Some Voices can probably help.

Has anyone really bad at singing ever auditioned? And if so what do you do in this situation!

We’re a non-audition choir (phew!). But members do have the opportunity to audition for a smaller group who perform some extra songs during the shows. There are also auditions for solo parts. If you’re not quite hitting the right notes, our advice would be keep up the enthusiasm, keep practicing, and keep auditioning. The journey we’ve seen so many of our members go on in terms of confidence growth and singing ability really is a huge part of why we do this.

Your repertoire is really diverse – from Christmas no 1’s to Romeo + Juliet, Donnie Darko and Killing in the name of… what are your favourite numbers to sing, and why?

Impossible to answer… you’d have to ask our 500 members! We try to be as diverse as possible so there’s always something for everyone, which is what works so well. Happy members means happy voices means happy sounds. Performing ‘Killing in The Name Of’ in our Christmas No.1’s show was pretty awesome though. Though we did have to warn our mums about the swearing bit…

We hear there will be roller-skating and hula-hooping at Printworks, we can’t wait to see it! How much do you usually rehearse for these things? Is there a choreographer?

We can’t wait either! (Have you tried hula-hooping recently?... Not as easy as we remember from childhood). A choreographer?... Try multiple choreographers! Alongside singing, our choir members are a multi-talented bunch with an abundance of different skills, which we like to involve in our shows – be it performing, set decoration, or audience-glittering- participation (you have been warned). Our terms run for 12 weeks, plus a few extra rehearsals here and there, along with some themed social events throughout – so we’re WELL ready for you come showtime.

And finally, if you really were going to party at Studio 54 for one night only – what would you most love to wear, drink and dance to?

Wear…GLITTER. 'Nuff said.  Drink…a fabulously retro cocktail, maybe featuring the underrated Midori which held its launch party at Studio 54, dontcha know. That, or something with edible glitter.  Dance to… tough one. Why not come along to the show and hear our dream Studio54 playlist, through the power of 500 voices!...


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