Two weeks ago, Hot Creations co-founder Jamie Jones and Chicago born electronic producer Kate Simko graced the iconic Barbican Hall with their brand new project Opus 1. For the first time, fans witnessed Jamie Jones performing in a completely new context - with a classical contemporary twist - a big contrast to his usual DJ sets. This was the first leg of the Opus 1 tour which Jamie Jones & Kate Simko will perform at festivals and other venues next year.

For their debut they collaborated with the magnificent London Electronic Orchestra, with Robert Ames taking the reigns conducting. With a sold out hall comprised of long time older heads combined with younger Jamie Jones fans, it’s no surprise that the crowd went wild for recomposed chart topping tracks like ‘Hungry For The Power’, ‘Tonight In Tokyo’ and ‘Benediction’.

Overall the stunning setting of the Barbican complimented the production and concept of the show perfectly, and gave fans a chance to see the talented duo pushing their musical boundaries in a non-club environment.

Photography by Rob Low

Jamie Jones is brewing something brand new for 2019. Register your interest for access to more information >> https://bit.ly/2SHT6iJ