On Monday 13th November, Dekmantel will release DKMNTL-SLCTRS04 by Peter O’Grady aka Joy Orbison - the fourth EP in the Dekmantel Selectors series of compilations. Similar to Dekmantel’s previous compilations, this one features eleven hand-picked tracks from Joy O’s personal archives. The Selectors series of compilations first began with MCDE back in March 2016, with Young Marco and Marcel Dettmann having since contributed to the series.

For his instalment in the Selector compilation series, Joy Orbison takes us on a historic journey of UK dance music, touching on Drum & Bass, Techno, Bass, Jungle and Garage, and rounding off with contemporary tracks by Beatrice Dillon and Klein. "We're a lot more focused on BPM and genre these days," he says, "but I can honestly say that didn't really cross my mind while I was compiling this. In my mind, all these tracks have a lot in common."

"What I do is a direct result of this music and I'm indebted to the sociological factors that brought it to life," he continues. "The UK at its best is a celebration of diverse cultures intertwining and creating beautiful results. Hopefully this collection of music can document a piece of that. Now more than ever, it seems important to acknowledge and celebrate this."

Preview the EP here ahead of his set at Love International x WHP on Saturday, 2nd December.



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