After the success of Junction 2 festival back in June, it didn’t take the organisers long to announce the second edition, for 2017. Situated under the M4 flyover at Boston Manor Park, the festival was unique in it’s location and delivered on providing high quality sound, original production and banging music from start to finish.

In exactly the same fashion, the festival’s inaugural promo video is to just as high a standard as the rest of the brand. It includes bespoke sound design produced and composed by Alexander Parsons, including ‘found sound’ recorded at the festival site.

Alexander has previously composed orchestral and electronic scores for numerous BAFTA-winning films including the synth led score for Grayson Perry’s Dream House and Muslim Drag Queens. His most recent and notable work includes collaboration with BretonLABS and Ten Ven on Pussy Riot’s ‘Refugees In’, which was performed at Banksy’s Dismaland. He is also currently working on a six part documentary series for BBC3, called American High School.

He says of Boston Manor Park: “I was mind-blown when I first saw the location. It’s such an awesome and totally unique spot for a festival. It has a feeling of desolate isolation, but just touching distance from the rest of society, kind of like J G Ballard’s Concrete Island, in reality.”

The motorway flyover that provides the setting for Junction 2’s main stage is surrounded by dense woodland and flowing lakes, affording the festival a raw, industrial feel - the perfect setting for an urban techno festival. Alexander explains how he wanted to vividly expose this vision through sound alone. “I wanted to capture the divide between the real world and this enclosed capsule, in the shadow of the M4. From the harsh and industrial sounds of setting up the stages and hypnotic rumbling of cars passing overhead, to the organic surroundings of leaves and the nearby canal. These all accompanied by Junction 2’s soundtrack, demonstrating how both worlds collide.”

To record such meticulous and detailed sounds, Alexander used state of the art equipment including a Solid State recorder a Rode NT4 stereo microphone and boom microphone, aiming to capture Junction 2’s intrinsic sound. We think he did a great job of it – watch the video and see for yourself.



Tickets for Junction 2 2017 are on sale now. Click here for more information.