Karizma -The Man from Baltimore says “People Wake Up”!

On the eighth day the Voice commanded let there be music. Soon the land was filled with the scintillating sounds of invigorating bass lines and intoxicating electronic beats. The people began to sway, bubbling beneath their newly found musical delights. Then the people asked “Who is this mysterious music maker”? “Who is the person responsible for creating these new sounds”? The Voice replied “It is the man they call Karizma from Baltimore USA, he has come with a message for the people…  That message is ‘Wake Up People Wake Up’!

After spending the best part of two decades as a DJ and producer, are the reasons you first started making music the same or have they changed other time?

Still the same...Its just my expression to the world nothing more nothing less

Having gone where no man has gone before, with your use of the Pioneer CDJ-2000, there is something other worldly when you take to the machine.
Where do you draw your main sources of inspiration from?

I think coming up in the DJ game i played all genres...playing and watching various Dj's Cut and manipulate songs was always a draw for me, the fact i can make a song say or do exactly what i want was most definitely a moment for me so I always try to include that in my sets...I think a lot of people just think im pushing buttons just to show off, it’s not, everything i do is for a reason.

Many consider your productions as pushing the boundaries in modern dance music. How important is it for you to creative freedom and how do you keep sound so fresh?

Its very important to have a sound first and foremost and the freedom to express it, I listen to a lot of music so I can always keep a fresh ear, even if it’s something I wouldn't even go near, production wise, you learn so much from listening to what’s out there and you can always take a bit from here or there that inspires you, it also keeps me on my toes.

Can you tell me something about yourself that most people do not know?

I was meant to be a Minister, but I think the universe had other plans

It is sometimes said "it takes two to make a thing go right". The DJing and production partnership between yourself and DJ Spen, is now the stuff of legends. Since parting ways you have collaborated with a whole host of ground breaking producers such as the likes of: Simbad, Atjazz, Osunlade and Deetron to name but a few. What do you enjoy most about working collaboratively with other artists, are there any other artists on your wish list that you would like to work with and why?

I think working with someone pushes you to think differently, I know that’s a cliché answer but for me that’s the motivating factor and the bonus is the friendships you develop in the process. My wishlist of Artists?  Dwele,Tall Black Guy,Frank McComb,Kaidi Tatham,Thundercat just to name a few..these guys are definitely "pushers" so I think you can see where im heading with this lol

If you can face to face with hearing your music for the first time, what would be your immediate impression? What does your music say about the person you are?

Its kinda weird for me to think in that sense but I hope i would be like WTF is that? I gotta hear some more lol....I hope my music says what you need it to say when you need it to say it.

Like the masked crusader you trade under a variety of different monikers: Kris Klayton, KaytroniK, K2, Kohesion the list goes on. Why so many names and does each name have its own super power that you can tell me about?

Lol no super powers just personas for my music

K2=Usually Edits

Kaytronik=Hip Hop/Electronic/Experimental

Karizma=Dj/ Deep/House whatever they calling my music these days lol

Kris, your star is shining bright as more people get switched on to your unique style.  You appear to be a man on a mission, what is your quest for the year a head and how will you know once you've achieved it?

To get more music out there is always the mission. The quest....WAKE PEOPLE UP!!

Karizma will be playing for Simply Salacious Parties March 28th Plan B Brixton alongside Souldynamic, Neil Pierce, Peter Borg & Shaun Escoffery