The Living Archive Of Electronica (LARE) will open at Berlin’s institutional Kraftwerk building with Tresor owner Dimitri Hegemann overseeing all programming in conjunction with the BBC Archive and London's Red Gallery.

"One of the essential missions of LARE is to attempt to transmit the club experience to those who have never been in a techno club before," Hegemann says. “I think of a place where visitors will come inside: suddenly, it gets dark, the fog machine gets going, a DJ appears in the distance, a bar rises up from the ground, the bass resonates and then the party’s started.” He recently told Star2. “A museum of the senses for those who don’t go to the club.”

The BBC Archive and London's Red Gallery will play integral parts in the exhibitions and education program, with the goal of conserving techno's cultural heritage to "inform and progress the next generation of cultural innovators."

The space will also play home to Berlin SOUP, a spin-off of the social entrepreneurship model Detroit SOUP. Guests will pay five euros for a soup dinner with salad and bread, and will be given the chance to vote on presentations ranging from art to urban agriculture, social justice, technology and beyond.

Speaking about the name of the project, Hegemann revealed: "I will call it the Living Archive of Electronica because techno here in Berlin is still a living, inspiring and vivid movement."

Hegemann has confirmed that the archive will open inside the Kraftwerk building that has housed the storied nightclub Tresor since it moved in 2007. He says the aim is open this fall to correspond with Tresor’s 25 th anniversary celebrations.