Mall Grab’s label, Looking For Trouble, is celebrating one year of activity. It’s been a meteoric rise for the rebellious Australian, since he emerged from the electronic music cottage industry that was dubbed “lo-fi” in 2016-17. Now based in the UK, Mall Grab found his heavily compressed, rough-around-the-edges take on house music championed on niche online forums. But the community’s dedication was about to skyrocket and spill into the DNA of the mainstream.

Alongside early purveyors, such as DJ Boring, Ross From Friends and DJ Seinfeld, Mall Grab - real name Jordan Alexander - is considered one of the architects of the movement that placed non-conformity at its core. Although at the time, what some perceived as deliberately amateur production techniques drew scorn from some sectors of the industry, in retrospect, it was exactly the breath of fresh air that house music had been crying out for.

Although he hasn’t completely abandoned the sound that saw him achieve cult status, today, it's fair to say that Mall Grab’s repertoire spans a wider breadth of house and techno, though always with leftfield tendencies. Launching Looking For Trouble in 2018 could be seen as the medium for which Alexander intended to showcase his broad tastes. To date, he has featured on every release, although collaborators have included Nite Fleit and Skin On Skin. Retaining some of the quirkiness that lo-fi stood for, the debut offering on the label was called How The Dogs Chill, Vol. 1. The four-track EP would feature the single named after the label.

Interestingly, for the label’s second release, Alexander would opt to put out under his given name. The follow-up can be seen as as the artist revealing another facet to his identity, as the 2-tracks covered electro and downtempo, respectfully.

His next solo EP - working back under his most famous moniker - would explore a tougher side to his persona. Growing Pains was more techno-centric, though influences from UK styles was certainly present across the release.

To celebrate the year anniversary, Mall Grab is taking his label back on tour. The 2019 Looking For Trouble UK & Ireland tour kicked-off in Edinburgh at Halloween, as Alexander landed at the Liquid Rooms. Next on the route, the Aussie arrives at District8 in Dublin, with further stops scheduled for Leeds and Glasgow.

However, it’s his bumper weekender in London in conjunction with Percolate that we’re most excited about. Taking over Bloc. London for two consecutive nights on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th November, Mall Grab is joined by a host of guests. The first night sees him line-up alongside Eclair Fifi, Salary Boy and Jossy Mitsu, while he invites Jensen Interceptor and Looking For Trouble alumni Nite Fleit & Skin On Skin on the second leg.

First release tickets for both dates are on sale now.

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