MESH was founded by London based Electronic music artist Max Cooper in 2016 to explore the intersection of music, science and art. However, Max Cooper’s musical and artistic journey began long before that – in fact he’s been immersed in music and science from his early 20’s, graduating with a PhD in computational biology in 2008, and making his brand of melodic house music since 2007. As a result, Cooper has developed his productions into live performances that immerse the crowd with shows involving 4D sound and 360-degree audio visual experiences.

The first release on MESH was the ground-breaking album Emergence in 2016, which was originally intended to be a live AV show, but after 3 years in the making, resulted in a full double LP album featuring collaborations with mathematicians, scientists and visual artists. In short, Cooper explains how Emergence explores “story of natural laws and processes, their inherent beauty, and their action to yield the universe, us and the world we live in”.

A year later Max took the label’s concept on a European tour titled Aether/ MESH Live to electronic music hub cities like Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Cologne, Brno, Budapest, Paris, Nijmegen‎, Bordeaux, Lyon, London, Kyiv and lastly Berlin. In true Max science style, he used several technologies to create a live experience with elements of visual, surround sound and installations which were tailored to suit each location. Take a look at images taken on the tour below.

MESH is a unique platform, but it doesn’t limit the boundaries for other artists to explore their own melodic and audio-visual ideas, demonstrated earlier this year when the label released Rob Cloth’s third EP Transition. Rob is among other artists such as Ash Koosha, Christian Löffler, Cosmin TRG, Joe Farr, John Tejada, Nicolas Bougaieff, Patrice Baumel and Rival Consoles, who have collaborated with Max on MESH releases.  

Next up for Max and the label is the album One Hundred Billion Sparks, which will build on his current collection of melodic, ambient and experimental techno, and was produced during a month spent in an isolated Welsh cottage.

Max says the album is, “my attempt to express what was there after I had removed my everyday life. No phone calls, no emails, no messages, no human contact for a month. That was the idea. What I found were the fables we live inside, our constructs, the mechanisms which create them, and the experience of parsing them."

Preview the first two singles below:

To celebrate the release he’ll be performing the album with a full immersive live audio-visual show at London’s KOKO on Thursday 20th September.

This is set to be Cooper's biggest project yet as he performs his peerless artistic vision onto an iconic London dancefloor.

Second release tickets on sale now.

Photography by Gemma Bell

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