Ticket Tannoy catches up with London rave outfit to the Lazer Cave to talk about the inspiration behind their parties - think sequins, lasers, confetti cannons, Justin Robertson and cosmic disco…

So guys, To The Lazer Cave sure is an interesting name for a party… can you tell us a bit about where the name came from and what you guys are all about?

To the lazer cave… was born 6 years ago from a particularly legendary house party involving a lot of tinfoil that came to be known as Disco Galaxia. We decided to run with it, we wanted to create a party experience that was cosmic, intense and all consuming. We wanted it to be 4am the whole night where the smoke was so thick you couldn’t see your hand if you put it in front of your face, where the only thing visible are lazers piercing the dense cloud from all directions, you have no idea where you are but you’re absolutely loving it.

Where are your parties often held?

In and around East London’s warehouse and industrial spaces. For us that has always been a key part of the experience, spaces that don’t feel like a club, that give us a blank canvas to transform. It all helps create the illusion of travelling to another time and place for 8 hours.

What sets your parties apart from the rest?

Firstly we’re a not for profit party run by 3 guys with ‘normal’ day jobs who accidentally created a cosmic rave beast. In the 6 years of lazer cave the only expense we’ve paid ourselves is a pub lunch after the final bits and pieces have been packed up in lazer storage HQ. We made a pact from day one, we do it for the experience and the fun. What this actually means is that we frivolously piss money up the wall on more lasers, more silver confetti to blow up in the air, more performers to weird out and amaze people and lower ticket prices. Every penny made is pumped in the next party and we hope it shows.

Secondly we’ve always been about fostering the right crowd, the right vibe, encouraging people to dress up and let go. We believe this creates an experience beyond just a DJ in a room. People say lazer cave has the randomness, friendliness and atmosphere of a festival which is the biggest compliment we could receive.

Tell us about your previous guest DJs - who has been your favourite so far?

We’ve been really lucky with our guest DJs, they’ve really bought into the concept of spaced out disco and house party vibes, the likes of Faze Action, Pete Herbert, The Cosmonauts, The C90s….. We had Psychmagik play a top set for us in 2012, they even turned up with their own pulsing starship lighting system to strap on to the warehouse ceiling! Zombie Disco Squad in full Halloween attire blew the roof our Sequin Zombie party. We had Morgan Hammer, a phenomenally talented DJ with a great selection of tracks - the added bonus having the headliner kick the men off the decks for a change!

I think our favourite has probably been Justin Robertson, I think when we started the party we didn’t think so much about having big well known DJs, then having one of the people you’ve seen consistently over over 10 - 15 years play at your event, well that is special. Plus, he picked some bangers of tracks to drop to our Confetti cannons. Which is why we thought we’d get him back for our 6th Birthday!

 If you were to summarise TTLC in 3 tracks, what would they be? 

Green Velvet & Harvard Bass - Lazer Beams <CLICK TITLE

This is pretty much the lazer cave anthem. Nothing feels better than being able to hold your finger over an actual laser trigger to unleash a thousand beams to the floor and watch the crowd for fucking bananas.

Kano - It's A War (Serge Santiago & Tom Neville's Instrumental Remix) <CLICK TITLE

This remix of 1981 Italo Disco classic has been a favourite of lazer cave’s since our first party. The opening beats are absolutely pumping, when this comes on you see people's ear prick up as they think “ello ello ello, what’s this then?!”

Den Haan - Release The Beast <CLICK TITLE

This is actually a test promo video we made using the track back at the very start of lazer cave. We basically stuck mirrors to our mate Adam’s eyes, shot a lazer in face and shouted at him to roar like a lioness protecting her cubs. It’s shit, but it definitely captures our ambition and love of nonsense.

What would your dream line up be, dead or alive?

Not for lack of trying we’d probably give our first born child to have Andrew Weatherall play for us. Lazer cave started as a Cosmic Disco party that evolved into all things bleepy and spaced out spanning Disco to Techno. This area is one of Andrew Weatherall’s many fortes, the guy runs a party called Love From Outer Space for crying out loud. Andrew, I know you’re reading this - give us a tinkle yeah?

What is your favourite club in the whole world and why?

It’s pretty hard to get behind particular clubs per say, it’s always the people and their naughty behaviour that make any party. It’s these people that go on to enshrine a club in history. Berghain and Panorama Bar in Berlin has to be given a mention, we’ve just seen too much genuine, shocking hedonistic behavior within it not to. People get annoyed by the random door policy and how hard it is to get in but even that is perfect, the door’s been run by the same guy Sven Marquardt for 12 years which has kept that friction and randomness consistent. He reckons that’s the theme in any good club: diversity, friction.

If you find yourself in Prague The Cross Club, is like H. R. Giger’s wet dream. Luzztro in Warsaw, a fantastic dirty little party hole open Friday to Monday. Turnmills, doesn’t exist anymore but that place changed the face of clubbing for a lot of us, and while we’re talking about clubs that sadly are no longer with us we must mention both Bagleys and The Cross. All of which were huge influences on us back in the day.

Aside from your own events - who else is putting on a decent party in London at the moment?

Elrow are putting on some great parties at the moment, they just look bonkers and they always seem to ignite the imagination of their revellers not least by giving away lots of inflatables, we went to a party and saw them throw a blow up 8 man dinghy into the crowd which led to crowd surfing in a blow up dingy….love that!! Basically we love really random shit, nonsense and dressing up, and they’ve got these bases well and truly covered.

What else do you have planned for the rest of 2016?

A couple more Lazer Caves to be planned - hoping to secure Halloween again as The Sequin Zombie Lazer Party we did was the most visually exciting party we’d managed, the costumes and effort made by everyone was incredible.

Glastonbury, Boom Town, Festival No6! But they’ll all be in a non-working capacity. We once installed 30 lazers up some trees at Unknown Festival in Croatia and quickly learned our lesson that there’s a difference between working and partying at a festival. We decided then we’d rather be partying!

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Since it’s our Birthday we thought we’d give a laser pointer and a UV light to everyone who comes to lazer cave on Friday to create a 500 beam human laser installation. Can you imagine that? One word should sum it up - ridiculous. So this is us officially calling you, London’s cosmic disco warriors! Ravens of rave! Dust off your sequins, get your glam and glitter on, wrap yourself in tinfoil and come and join us in the smoke and lazer.