On Friday evening, as day one of LEAF draws to a close, the Great Gallery at Tobacco Dock will open its doors to a very special live performance by Modeselektor for LEAF Concert. This unique space will lend itself perfectly to a LIVE performance from one of electronic music’s leading ambassadors. On top of that, they’ll be a contemporary twist on classic music with Kate Simko and her London Electronic Orchestra. Friday 6th March 7.00pm to 10.30pm.

Wildly infused with exuberance and punctuated by a slap of the absurd, Modeselektor’s inarguable grooves seem to hop past every conceivable musical genre. With a rare London performance the German duo will showcase why they have always been prized as more of a live act than studio musicians. With showmanship and charisma in their blood, their live performances are dynamic, uplifting and always goes on twists and turns. It would be hard to pick out a live act in electronic music as good as with these guys when they’re at it; which will make them the ideal ending to the first day of LEAF 2015.


Hailing from Berlin, their style has been described as the expression of the artistic climate and creative vitality that’s been freed in the city following the fall of the Berlin Wall. The pent-up energy generated through years of cultural suppression and a divided heart-city has been captured in Modeselektor’s sound and delivered to listeners around the world. To the dancers that join them boundary-breaking is no longer a metaphor.

Watch this live journey they took a Budapest crowd on, one evening in 2012.

Modeselektor will be supported by Kate Simko and her London Electronic Orchestra; offering a truly modern and contemporary twist on classical music, by fusing an orchestra with an electronically lead soundscape. The experience will show how electronic music can be composed in more classical forms, and how the two scenes are rooted in similar melodic roots, that complement so well with the right direction. Named one of Chicago’s “Top 10 DJs of 2014” Kate now resides in London, and continues to bring together her passion for classical and jazz into electronic music. Here’s what you can expect.