UK DJ and producer, Leif has been releasing music since 2003 on imprints such as Fear of Flying, Liebe Detail, Morris Audio and Trimsound, earning himself a well deserved reputation for his outer worldly production stance and forward thinking approach.

A resident DJ and integral member of the esteemed Freerotation Festival, he has spent the last decade refining his musical palette, developing a mature understanding of the deeper aspects of house, techno and out-tempo manoeuvres - his sets take in deep ambient textures through to more jacking house and techno.

Leif is also a contributor to labels such as Idle hands and Sudden Drop, as well as co-running UntilMyHeartStops with fellow Freerotation res, Joe Ellis. It’s on this label that he released his album Taraxacum late in 2015, which pushed the boundaries of deep, atmospheric house.

Leif assiduously explains his influences, “I’ve been making music of sorts from a very early age, playing guitar in bands etc… but in terms of my interest in electronic music, I was really into some of the more abstract downtempo / ambient / trip-hop in the mid to late nineties. The Mo-Wax label, DJ Shadow, Tricky, The Orb, that kind of thing. I remember staying up late when I was about 15 years old and taping John Peel radio sessions. What really blew my mind however was discovering Techno and house music in some of the free parties in North Wales, and watching the kind of vibe and community that music could create on a dancefloor.”

Welsh deep dance wizard Leif will be performing at Bar A Bar on 23 rd July – for more information and tickets, check here!


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