Emerging in 2015 to distance themselves from an established sound that reflected a passion for experimentation within drum and bass, Ivy lab introduced the world to 20/20 LDN to dive deeper into the realms of bass music production with hip-hop inspired glitchy halftime beats. With this rebranding as 20/20 LDN, Ivy Lab placed within Mixmag’s Top 10 DJs of 2015, gaining significant notoriety whilst nestling themselves firmly into the halftime & beats movement. After accumulating a whole legion of new fans the world over, came opportunities to provide a platform for hip-hop influenced beats artists both big and small including Deft, Tim Parker & 1985 Music label boss Alix Perez.


Here’s Ivy Lab’s exclusive top five 20/20 LDN tracks:

Deft – For Sudden

This perfectly pensive bollywood-tinged neckbreaker holds a special place in our hearts because it’s one of the label’s earliest cuts and was conjured by longstanding collective mainstay and good friend Deft. 


Sinistarr – #accidentaldeathing

Just one of the many reasons we’re stoked to be hosting this maverick at our Autumn party, #accidentaldeathing is a blissfully swagged out and downright fun piece of music which served as the perfect accent to its brooding surroundings on the ‘Volume 2’ compilation.


Paint – Beast Mode

It’s tough to isolate just one track from an EP for which the release was easily amongst our proudest moments to date as label owners - but caining Beast Mode over last year’s festival season permanently etched into our memory the track’s frantic chimes & intoxicating sound design and the palpable tension & release in the crowd which would reliably follow every time. Tl;dr – this one bangs. 


Havelock – Graphics

We have a penchant for unsettling music, and Graphics is easily one of the darkest and most menacing outings on the label to date. Longtime pal and collaborator Havelock took no prisoners in serving up some of the most outrageously terrifying basslines we’d ever heard on this one. 


No Puls – Kratom

Never gonna forget the looks on each other’s faces the first time this joint hit our ears.  Kratom is an endlessly mutating tribal voodoo workout with a groove so unique that it’s incomparable to anything else yet so natural that it makes sense instantly and forces you to move your body – this is No Puls in his element.


This Saturday 20/20 LDN take over room one at Corsica Studios with an all-star cast line-up including Ivy Lab, Joker, Mono/Poly, Rocks FOE, Sinistarr and Tim Parker.

Limited 2nd release tickets remaining.

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