Since Printworks London launched in early 2017, it become pretty synonymous with daytime partying. But what is less known is that it is actually an event space for a wide-range of cultural events. It has hosted secret cinemas, pop-up record fairs, gospel choirs, music video shoots, fashion shows and even UKG bingo (no, really!) It underlines how versatile the mammoth industrial space really is. And this summer they add another facet to their already diverse programming. From Wednesday 20th June through to Saturday 23rd June they will feature a brand new operatic dramatization called Cave.

The plot sounds eerily intriguing, to say the least: in a dystopic future, a grieving father seeks closure as he fights for survival. Travelling to the underworld he encounters spirits both friend and foe, as he desperately attempts for one final connection with his lost daughter. Upon entering a dark cave he visits fantastical worlds including a shopping mall in the desert and an ancient giant glacier which is melting. Safe to say, the premise sounds highly elaborate and we expect some pretty spectacular set designs and production. The cavernous warehouse space really is a blank canvas which had lend itself to any bespoke concepts. So for something a bit different, head to Printworks for a spot of opera this June.

The production is a collaboration between London Sinfonietta and the Royal Opera, written by the award-winning Tansy Davies and conducted by Geoffrey Paterson.

This special performance at Printworks is particularly poignant because it marks London Sinfonietta’s landmark 50th Anniversary.

Tickets for all five shows – including Saturday’s matinee performance – are on sale now.

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