As the UK basks in this prolonged heatwave, we're struggling to recall a festival season where we've had it so good. BBQs every weekend, beer gardens after work and we couldn't even tell you the last time in rained. It means the rest of the summer calendar looks far more salivating than usual. Get us in those fields listening to electronic music with a fruit cider in hand. The weather will no doubt encourage more people than usual to venture to an outdoor festival. Whilst we're huge advocates that there aren't many way of having fun better than cutting loose at a festival, sometimes it is important to think about any potential impact on our health. One issue which isn't discussed nearly as much as it should be is our hearing. And because the damage to hearing may take years to come to the surface, it can often be overlooked. Well, we'd like to buck that bad habit.

As more figures from within the industry come forward and recount their experiences with hearing loss, an increased focus is put on this growing issue. But it isn't just touring musicians and other professionals within the scene that are at risk, but anybody who regularly attends events where the dB levels can exceed 100dB. In fact, you only need to be exposed for as little as  15 minutes for this to have a negative impact on your hearing.

All Ears have paired with Alpine Hearing Protection in a bid to raise awareness and deliver solutions within the music industry regarding loss of hearing. Their proactive approach of working alongside venues, event organisers and fellow musicians looks to limit to risk of tinnitus and other forms of hearing damage associated with overexposure at live music events. Now they are partnering with LWE and will have a presence at the promoter's forthcoming festivals elrow Town and ABODE In the Park. Not only will their range of high fidelity ear plugs be available for presentation and purchase, but the initiatives founders Matt, Oli and John will all be in attendance to give their expert insight - two of whom have suffered hearing loss as a result of regularly attending festivals.

Currently they have two products on the market. The first is the Alpine Partyplug. These transparent, reusable ear protectors limit up to 25dB, are hardly visible and mean you can still hold conversation. The slightly more expensive option - but still totally affordable - is the Party Plug ProNatural. These offer a bit more protection at 29dB. Perhaps their biggest selling point is that the AlpineThermo technology makes them a comfier fit. Most importantly, both products do not limit your experience of the music as is a common misconception - they merely provide invaluable protection.


It means that you will be able to enjoy the likes of Paco Osuna at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Cuartero at Finsburys Park exactly how intended - LOUD - without having to worry about the long term effects to your hearing.

The last remaining tickets for elrow Town are on sale now.

4th release tickets for ABODE In the Park are also available.

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