German born, one of a kind Mathew Jonson will be teaming up with Sebastian Mullaert to put out a collaborative 12-inch record, titled Pollen 4 Life, through Hypercolour.

The two producers have been connected through music since they first met in Japan at Labrinth festival in 2005; the friendship that emerged meant that it was only inevitable that the two would come together to create something special at some point down the line.

Pollen 4 Life was conceived two years back when Jonson was invited to stay at Mullaert’s home in Rostanga, Sweden. They worked on music for five days straight, giving themselves the freedom to jam in the studio and play around with new and interesting sounds. The majority of the writing sessions were focused around creating ambient sounds, however the day that the upcoming record “was made on a day the mood took them in the direction of the dancefloor”.

Hypercolour celebrated it’s tenth anniversary this year, and the UK label is celebrating with a triple vinyl anniversary compilation, featuring records from Mullaert, Luke Vibert, Roman Flugel and Matthew Herbert, that’s due to arrive on November 11th . Meanwhile, Mathew Jonson has an album crafted alongside The Mole and Hreno, set for release under the alias Units and Measurements.

You can listen to previews of Pollen 4 Life here

Mathew Jonson heads to Chord in Birmingham on 19th November. 

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