On Friday 24th November, Max Cooper returns to London with an exciting new A/V live show at Village Underground, Shoreditch.

Split into two-parts – Evening & Night – the date forms part of his MESH Live tour. The evening leg will feature the much-anticipated UK premier of AETHER. Having debuted last year during New York fashion week, his most ambitious art installation to date is finally arriving in Europe.

In their own words, AETHER is the spatial A/V collaboration between Cooper and Architecture Social Club. Their personal interpretation of the luminiferous aether, the immersive show will explore the beauty of natural forms such as waves, surfaces and symmetries in order to create surreal geometric landscapes. The lights are audio-linked, and thus reactive to Cooper’s own sonic soundscapes. During the show the audience will be invited to walk around, underneath and within the 3-D mapped lattice light.

Max launched the MESH label to “explore the intersection between music, science and art” and this uniquely-formatted event aims to do exactly that. For a sneak peak of what to expect, check-out the video below. (Though – FYI – as mesmerising as the footage looks, it doesn’t do the real deal justice!)

It’s little wonder that Max wishes to explore the often overlooked relationship between music and science – the Belfast native is a qualified geneticist with a PhD in computational biology.

All ticket combo options are on sale now.

Full event details here