We asked the team behind London party brand Memory Box to pick the perfect track to suit each of the following scenarios, ahead of their gigantic 3rd birthday celebration in January with Nightmares On Wax and Farley Jackmaster Funk. So here we have it - Memory Box’s perfect track for…


Starting a party with:

69 “Desire” (1994)
Well the first track of the night needs to be something nice and slow and deep as I believe in warming a room up correctly and progressing as the night goes on. 69 Desire by Carl Craig is a beautiful piece of music and worthy of kicking a great party off.

Chilling on the beach:

Nightmares On Wax ‎"Dreddoverboard" (1995)
From the excellent "Smokers Delight" album. Actually I'd suggest just putting the whole album on and soaking up the beach vibes. This is the perfect album for any chill out situation.

Watching the sun go down:

Carl Craig "At Les" (1994)
Perfection would be the first 2 minutes 30 seconds of beatless beauty playing as the sun drops out of site, the next 50 seconds feeling disorientated with the broken beats and then the subtle 4/4 house beat kicks in to take you up a notch, finishing drum & bass style to secure that night time feel.

Why not go into full party mode with one of the the Christian Smith remixes!

At Les (Christian Smith's Tronic Treatment Remix) (2010)

Dancing in a field, watching the sun come up:

Orbital ‎"Belfast" (1991)
A great track to bring everyone together and put smiles on people’s faces. It has a nice BPM for an early morning situation when you've been up all night and has revitalising properties for those weary dancing feet.

Filling the dancefloor:

Lil Louis “French Kiss” (1989)

This is a dance floor destroyer! It has a lot of energy so even if you don’t know the track it kind of pounds you into the groove. And that’s enough to lively up most dance floors. Then you have the choice to do the second half of the track which involves the orgasmic break down where the bpm drops right down and then slowly raises you to the roof! 10 minutes of proper dirty U.S House Music.

The after party:

Vernon Felicity "Induce" (MOS Recordings, 2015)

For the after party I like to get deep, underground and preferably current. So the track choice will change week to week. Right now it would be a track from the MOS label. I've chosen this but there are plenty of good choices on that label.

A dinner party:

Bypass the dinner, move the tables out the way and see above "Starting the party with...."

A long journey:

Laurent Garnier “It is What It Is” radio show

Well one track is not good enough for a long journey. So I'd go for a dj mix from someone with good eclectic tastes like Laurent Garnier. And youtube is no good for the car so here’s a soundcloud link to one of the many shows that are out there. Go and search them out.

Falling asleep to:

The KLF ‎"Chill Out" (1990)

The ultimate chill out experience! Field recordings, train sounds, movie snippets, Elvis ballads, and animal noises all put together perfectly.

Mending a broken heart:

Massive Attack ‎"Unfinished Sympathy" (1991)

The bitter sweet feeling of Unfinished Sympathy slaps those emotions around your body and then rips them out of your chest. If you're feeling down this song will push you to the limit and then the only way is up!

You could of course take it to the darkest depths and put on the

Portishead “Dummy” album.

That situation though is not for the faint hearted ☺

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