2016 will see London’s Ministry Of Sound club turn twenty five years old. That's a quarter century at the forefront of global clubbing! To celebrate this historic occasion, they’re lining up a host of surprises big and small to make their 25th year the biggest one yet.

The first of those surprises is a very big one indeed. Throughout 2016 Ministry Of Sound will be collaborating with Dolby Laboratories, Inc to bring Dolby Atmos® sound technology to dance music.

They will be cramming a massive 60 speakers on top of their already colossal custom sound system, they'll provide a staggering 22 channels which will be accompanied by a bespoke lighting environment to fuller immerse the crowd in an unparalleled music experience.

Launching on 23rd January 2016 with drum n bass icons, Hospital Records, this will be the very first in a series of what we're going to call 'multidimensional, immersive, sound experiences' or 'massive parties' to you and I.

Bob Borchers, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President, Dolby Laboratories. “We have seen how Dolby Atmos transformed the cinema and home-theatre, and we are confident that it will leave a lasting impact on the music industry, making live music and clubbing more engaging and immersive.”

The partnership sees one of the biggest innovations in club sound to date, allowing music to be mixed in a third dimension and enabling artists to unleash sound never heard before. Not only will guests hear the music in unprecedented quality, they will become a part of the movement, immersed in the soundscape as the sounds are strategically placed and moved through the room.
The Dolby Atmos residency kicks off on Saturday, January 23rd, with London Elektricity, Reso, and TC in The Box, performing specially crafted DJ sets in Dolby Atmos.


London Elektricity in Dolby Atmos

Along with the announcement of their impressive new sound system, Ministry Of Sound have also released information on some of their exciting new January shows… tickets for which are on sale right now on Ticket Tannoy!


Friday 22nd January - The Gallery with ATB

Saturday 23rd January - Hospital Records present: Ultrasound

Friday 29th January - The Gallery with Danny Avila

Saturday 30th January - Rinse presents