Have you ever thought that science and music are worlds apart? Think again! Two weeks ago, NASA created a profile on SoundCloud releasing a library of prolific recordings in space exploration history.

This is free for everyone to experience and download ( opening the floodgates for all you keen producers! There are all the famous clips that you would hope for (“Houston we have a problem”, “The Eagle has landed”, “We chose to go to the moon”)ranging from the team on the Apollo 8 wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, to the actual sound of lightening on Jupiter. NASA has an inspirational collection of sounds from space that would get Ben Burtt, Stephen Hawking, Pharrell Williams, and Carol Vordorman in a bit of a state. But this is not just exciting for all you geeks out there! There’s no doubt that these clips could contribute to some incredible mixes. Of course there are some terms and conditions attached to these clips, so give this a read before you decide to do anything: 


These clips are an amazing source of inspiration for your imagination. So, go on, get mixing. You have the ingredients to make some great music, but if you need something to help you along the way, here’s our space inspired playlist to get to going:

Richard Strauss: 2000: A Space Odyssey theme song (Sprach Zarathustra)

Caribou – Sun

Jamiroquai – Space Cowboy

David Bowie – Space Oddity

Elton John – Rocket Man

The Kinks – Supersonic Rocket Ship

The Police – Walking on the Moon

R Kelly – I believe I can fly

Ash – Girl from Mars

Babylon Zoo – Spaceman

Muse – Supermassive Black Hole

The Velvet Revolver - Venus in Furs

S Club 7 – Reach

Sound Garden - Black Hole Sun

Savage Garden-To the moon and back

Frank Sinatra – Fly me to the Moon

A$AP Rocky – Out of this world

Monty Python – Galaxy Song (The Universe Expanding)

Europe – The Final Countdown

Earth, Wind & Fire – Shining Star