Belgian born Boris Daenen, better known as Netsky has swiftly become one of the global names in drum ‘n’ bass over the past six years.Netsky fuses the basic structure of drum n’ bass and built lush compositions featuring disparate electronic and live-instrument sounds to create a sound uniquely his own, a sound which rewarded him in being signed to both Hospital Records, and most recently Sony.

In light of Netsky’s new album ‘III’ we took ten to have a quick catch up with him.


We know that you can DJ but you also perform live with a band. Tell us more about that? Which do you prefer?

I've been DJ’ing for about 8 years and started playing live shows with the band 4 years ago. I really couldn't choose between only doing DJ or Live sets. They're both part of my life now and I enjoy both of them a lot. I do feel with the band we have a stronger connection with most crowds. We play full songs and try and make it look and sound as interesting as possible. I think the band show is something Netsky fans can enjoy the most. But then again I feel DJ sets give me more room to experiment and that could be what other fans want too.

Your new album, '3' has plenty of collaborations, what it was like working with the likes of Chromeo, Emeli Sande and Saint Raymond?

I got to work with some amazing artists - I’ve been dying to work with Chromeo since the beginning of my career – I’ve always loved their music. I love the way they present themselves. I sent Dave 1 a DM on Twitter and said, “I’ve got an instrumental I wrote with a chorus, what do you think about it?” In a week’s time, he got back to me and we finished the song in a studio in New York. It was also great working with Emeli Sande, she’s probably my favorite female vocalist out of the U.K., if not the world. It’s a dream for any drum ‘n’ bass producer to work with her voice – it goes so well with the atmosphere that drum ‘n’ bass brings, that kind of cinematic feel. Her manager’s nephew actually used to be a big fan of me. He’s quite a bit younger but he used to come to all my gigs in London. I’ve never met him, but apparently he spoke to Emeli about me and said you should let him produce a song for you. I got very lucky there! 

Do you feel that your sound has developed since the first album and have you made any changes to the way that you work in the studio?

My sound has definitely developed since the first album. With my third album I wanted to create an album of all the genres that I would want to burn to a CD and take with me to a desert island! I also wanted each one of the tracks on the new album to stand on its own as an instrumental or an acapella, it’s definitely not as club-based as my last work. About 80-90 percent of it is proper songs and not club-focused instrumentals - so that’s really affected the way I start the tracks in the studio. 

You play Nass festival this summer, what are your thoughts on UK Festivals and crowd?

The UK has always been one of my favourite places to play, especially at festivals - the crowds are always so up for it and the electronic music scene here is so strong. I can’t wait for Nass Festival - it’s going to be fun!!

We take ten with Netsky in light of his new album 'III'