On Record – Dixon Avenue Basement Jams This week for On Record, one half of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams – Kenny ‘The Wasp’ Grieve - sits down to talk tunes for us. The Glasgow duo’s self titled imprint is known for bringing us (in their own words) ‘real rockin’ raw shit from the street for the clubs’ – we particularly love offerings from Big Miz, Marquis Hawkes and Denis Sulta. For their commitment to quality house music, we salute them.


Q - First record you ever bought?

A - Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana 

Bought from RS McColl on Larkhall Main Street with my pocket money.


Q- The record you chill to?

A - Primal Scream - Higher Than The Sun or anything from Screamadelic 

Pretty obvious for someone of my age group, but still a magnificent marriage of Scream and Weatherall.


Q - Your guilty pleasure?

A - Anything by Erasure 

In fact no guilt here.... I love to hate yooooouuuuu. 


Q - Track you opened your last set with?

A - Luca Lozano - Calling All Dancers 

Nice little attention grabber from Mr Lozano.


Q - A guaranteed floor filler?

A - Floorplan

We Magnify His Name Robert Hood at his mad gospel best. 


Q – Record on your label that you’re proudest of?

A - This changes every month. 

At present I'm particularly proud of the next Fear-E record. Don't tell him though, I like him to think he's shit.


Q - Track you wished you’d signed?

A - Lory D - Ghill 

Dance floor smasher that sorts the wheat from the chaff every time. Lory, Lory, Lory f***ing D.


Q - The ideal festival track?

A - Rachel Wallace - Tell Me Why 

Rave classic that never fails.


Q - Track that makes you emotional?

A - Jamie Principles - Your Love 

Ever since getting the shutters in Panorama Bar with this, the memory melts my cold heart.


Q - Album you’ll always come back to?

A - GZA - Liquid Swords 

No words required apart from GENIUS.


Q - One track that didn’t get enough love lately?

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams and Denis Sulta play for Vanishing Point in Brighton on June 18.