Born and raised In the Ruhr Area in Germany, Kevin Over began his musical journey at the young age of 14, jumping straight on to the decks, experimenting with tracks and mixing his favourite records.

The warmth of the traditional 90’s sound have strongly influenced all of Kevin’s musical output. Groove ridden dance floor weapons that appeal to both house and techno orientated crowd, which probably explains why he has become so popular with a variety of different niches.

With releases on labels such as Mobilee, Get Physical, Leena and Truesoul, Kevin is building a back catalogue of high profile releases, which have seen the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Stacey Pullen, Adam Beyer and Laurient Garnier all support.

In the lead up to Junction 2 presents at Printworks London, Kevin stopped by for a chat about his favourite records.


First record you ever bought

International Pony - Superyou Remixes (Columbia Records) Hooked up with the Justus Köhncke Remix


The record you chill to

The lastest record by Lambchop called Flotus.


Your guilty pleasure

Hustling hard on Discogs


Track you opened your last set with

Kevin Over - Real Love


A guaranteed floor filler 

Damiano Von Erckert - Housem III


Your own record that you're proudest of 

Kevin Over - Back to Back Compilation Vol.11 (coming on Mobilee Records in Februrary) - I did reworks of the label’s back catalouge paired up with exclusive tracks by mine and remixes by Marquis Hawkes, Jacob Korn and Soulphiction.


Track you wished you'd written

Flying Lotus - The Protest


The ideal festival track 

John Thomas - Working Night (Octave One Remix)


Track that makes you emotional

ANOHNI- Marrow


Album you'll always come back to 

Probably Air - 10 000 Hz Legend“ or „Radiohead - In Rainbows“ . The older these Longplayers get and the more times you give them a listen they are uncovering their perfection and their all-embracing truth.


One track that didn't get enough love lately 

Youandewan ft. Huerta - Left on Lucy (AUS Music)

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