On Record: Lord Leopard

This week, Ticket Tannoy caught up with the mysterious Lord Leopard - UK based DJ / producer and elrow resident – at his old stately home on the cliffs of Cornwall, to talk tunes, tunes and more tunes. Over copious amounts of fortified wine, he revealed the contents of his record collection. Take a listen whilst contemplating the impending Elrow Town London line-up drop, penciled for next week.


Q: First record you ever bought:

A: Michael Jackson's 'Bad' 

My Dad the 5th Earl of Bodmin Moor took me out on a Saturday to Saffron Records in St. Austell and said 'you're allowed one album' and i chose that because i was always obsessed with the 'Thriller' song and video as a kid, and 'Bad' had just come out. That old gramaphone never sounded so good.


Q: The record you chill to

A: Antena - Camino Del Sol 

This is the kind of the ultimate 'Balearic' record for me. I've still no idea what the lyrics mean though. Can anyone translate please?


Q: Your guilty pleasure

A: Doobie Brothers 'What a fool believes'  
How guilty should i go...? Doobie Brothers 'What a fool believes'  is the ultimate yacht rock anthem and what i like to call a total 'wedding banger' - it never fails to get Dad on the 'floor! (ps If u need a wedding Dj i'm your man btw).


Q: Track you opened your last set with

A: Jamie 3:26 - Testify

What a record... I've been playing this loads lately as it's the sort of track that works anywhere, from massive outdoor festival stages to smaller club spaces. It has a massive drop in it that sends brings total anarchy and I love the gospel style vocal = winning combo.


Q: A guaranteed floor filler 

A: Carl Taylor - Debbie's Groove (Robert Hood remix)

Uplifting but Hard as Nails, Techno and Disco blended perfectly by the master, what's not to like? 


Q: Your own record that you’re proudest of 

A: 'Mark of Passion'

One that I made myself? or one I own? 'Mark of Passion' was a big for me as it was the first Lord release, the first release on Edible records.


Q: Track you wished you’d written

A: 'I feel love' Donna Summer 

Giorgio Moroder made a timeless classic here and it still sounds so fresh, and apparently, he did that bassline by accident...a very, very happy accident indeed.


Q: The ideal festival track 

A: Flashback of a Genius - Gotta Get up

This is Joey Negro's take on The Byron Stingily Classic. Peak Time mega Disco Madness for all... Pure Chaos! Get on up everybody!


Q: Track that makes you emotional

A: Curtis Mayfield - Move on Up

This is so uplifting... Curtis' music and voice can do that to you... and make you cry into your pillow as well... especially on a Tuesday night after the festival.


Q: Album you’ll always come back to 

A: Steely Dan - Aja 

'The Dan' at their absolute peak. the musicianship, songwriting and production are next level, plus all the stories behind each track are often hilarious. Check the documentary on the 'making of' album series. Going to see them play in London soon, can't wait!!!


Q: One track that didn’t get enough love lately

A: Luke Solomon's remix of Infinity Ink is an absolute banger, so good...

Loopy madness... and I've not heard anyone else play it... but then I don't get out very much, so I may be wrong.

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