Berlin’s Oliver Deutschmann plays in Bristol this September – but what do we know about him? Firstly, he’s a regular at Berghain. Second, he runs not one but three labels – Vidab, Gknstr, Falkpatz and Slim Audio, which you should go and check out. Thirdly, his debut album, released in 2013 was called Out of the Dark - his uncompromising selections range from deep dubby house to big room techno. And finally, he likes Metallica, which gets a thumbs up in our book. Check out his top all time selections below…


First record you ever bought

Kajagoogoo - Too Shy


The record you chill to

Cat Stevens - Best of...


Your guilty pleasure



Track you opened your last set with

STL - Silent State 


A guaranteed floor filler

Robert Hood - 'Every track'


Your own record that you’re proudest of / record on your label that you’re proudest of

Orion - Odyssee Ep - next EP on my GKNSTR label


Track you wished you’d signed / written

Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase


The ideal festival track

Richie Hawtin - The Tunnel 


Track that makes you emotional

Deep Purple - Child in Time


Album you’ll always come back to

Metallica - Master of Puppets 


One track that didn’t get enough love lately

Too numerous to tell, honestly


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