Newbies Solardo are made up of UK based producers MRK1 and James Elliot. Having previously had a long and deep history in other music genres, the pair are now one of the most hotly tipped DJ/production duos in the house and techno scene thanks to releases on buzzword labels like Of Unsound Mind, Viva Music, MTA and Kaluki. But which records make them tick? Find out below!

Q - First record you ever bought?
A - Guns and Roses - Appetite for Destruction
I got this when I was about 8 years old from Woolworths. I think I just got it because I liked the artwork. It then changed me into a long haired rocker for about 5 years.

Q - The record you chill to?
A - Drake - Nothing was the same
Not something that I would blast out, but nice to have in the background. My girlfriend took me to a concert in Dubai to see Drake on the back of my low volume Drake addiction, which was actually pretty cool.

Q - Your guilty pleasure?
A - Duran Duran
I remember playing as Ros Kilde festival in about 2008 as MRK1 in my dubstep days. Duran Duran was on the main stage so after my set I jumped into the mosh pit area with my mates and drank cheap wine from a carton. I was hooked from that moment on.

Q - Track you opened your last set with?
A – Solardo – Tribesmen
We recently just finished it a few days ago and played it as our first tune just to get a good listen to the mix down. Turned out well and went off!

Q – A guaranteed floor filler?
A - Solardo - Acid Rocks
I think this has been one of our biggest tunes to date and pretty much everyone knows it due to the support that it got on the tech house scene. So when people come to see us they expect to hear this and it always gets everyone going.

Q - Track you wish you’d written?
A - The Prodigy - Poison
Liam Howlett was so far ahead of his time on this track, its just amazing. I’ve worked with Liam a couple of times in the past and the way he produces and makes things sound is on a next level.

Q - The ideal festival track?
A - The Prodigy - Poison
Same as the above really. This tracks has been a festival anthem for over a decade and still has the same effect now.

Q - Track that makes you emotional?
A - Duran Duran - Ordinary World
Referring back to the Ros Kilde festival I mentioned before, I remember being stood in the mosh pit, hand in hand with strangers, hands in the air, euphoric and high on ...... life (cough cough), waves our arms from side to side.

Q - Album you’ll always come back to
A - Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggy Style
I must have bought this album at least 5 times, it never gets old. After my rockers stage I then became a hip hopper, thinking I was from South Central. If there were swear words in it, I would buy it! The more the merrier.

Q - One track that didn’t get enough love lately
A – Probably one of ours, haha