Born to a Cameroonian father and Ukrainian mother, William Djoko grew up to be taught and trained as a classically trained modern, hip-hop and salsa dancer. These experiences that he encountered at an early age no doubt built the framework for a glowing career in dance orientated music.

With releases on Seth Troxler’s Tuskegee, Anja Schneider’s Mobilee, OFF and Leftroom Records, Djoko has built quite the back catalogue, considering that he has only been actively releasing records over the past eight years.

In the build up to the launch of the first music series, taking place at London’s new large capacity cultural and music space, Printworks. William Djoko stopped by to tell us some of his treasured and favourite records.


First record you ever bought

Mix The House vol. 2 by V/A

The first music compilation I ever bought with my allowance back in 1992 and covers everything from house, hardcore, gabber and techno. My first rudiments to my energetic journey.


The record you chill to

Childish Gambino - Redbone

Donald Glover is a big inspiration to me at the moment. With this contemporary soul record he shows himself a versatile creative that covers a lot of aspects of being a artist.


Your guilty pleasure

Michael Gray - The Weekend

I'll never understand guilty pleasures, if it's pleasurable why feel guilty? I feel if the timing feels right anything goes...


Track you opened your last set with

Makam - Than Sadet

I've been opening my nights with this gem for the past two months or so, it sets the mood perfectly for a dwindling journey passing through the far corners of our Earth.


A guaranteed floor filler 

Todd Terry - Are U Acid

No matter if I play this badboy at the beginning, middle or end of the night, it always get's a roaring reaction from the dancefloor. The definition of a floorfiller.


Your own record that you’re proudest of 

William Djoko - Deflourished

This one came out 100% as i wanted within one single 2hr studiosession as a kind of higher form of meditation. Accompanied by an amazing musicvideo that will stay with me forever.  Allthough I gotta give love to my last project 'Dirty Talk', seeing that took me the longest yet to finish and was a true learning school for me getting a lot of help getting it just right.


Track you wished you’d written

Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood & The Rajasthan Express 

My friend pointed this one out to me. There are small outtakes from the documentary on how the Junun project came about. All those influences combined make for something I'd like to live up to making one day.


The ideal festival track 

Afrikan Roots - Saka

Everytime I drop this sucka people get into a festive vibe. Afrikaaa!


Track that makes you emotional

William Djoko - We Are Your Brothers & Sisters (Maxi Mill Lucid Dream mix)

Maxi Mill (aka the God) made this rework out of sheer love. I was going through a rough time at that moment and when I heard this for the first time it engulfed me with emotions. Listen for the chords hitting at 04.00 min... soulbumps.


Album you’ll always come back to

Michael Jackson - Off The Wall

Anyone who knows me just a little bit knows the answer to this question.


One track that didn’t get enough love lately 

Steve Spacek - Follow Me 

Weird soulful yet inaudible lyrics that make you tingle, hung up in what is to me one of the dopest grooves of the past year!

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