We asked the team behind Orphan Records to have a good old dig through their record collections to pick out ten, timeless records which had sadly been gathering some dust over the last year or so. Who knows, perhaps some of these gems will make it back into their record bags this weekend for their London show with Tim Goldsworthy…


1. Erotic City - Sheila E
Probably prince's most popular B-side, "Erotic City" is a dance floor killer. It's also our all-time favourite B side. We were in Peckham Springs the other day and when the DJ dropped this track you could really see the mood shift and the dance floor fill up! It's infectious. Here's a video of Shelia E, Prince's long time band member/collaborator, performing the song live. She of course sang on the recording of "Erotic City."

2. Love is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy) - David Bowie
Using David Bowie's voice as an anchor, James Murphy takes the listener through an epic journey from Steve Reich inspired minimalism to more contemporary club music. We put this in a playlist whilst driving across the Canadian border from Seattle into Vancouver, and it provided a beautiful soundtrack to the lush Pacific Northwest surroundings.

3. No UFOs - Model 500
We played this classic at our first Orphan night. Thirty years after it's release it still seems incredibly idiosyncratic and interesting. Whenever we hear it, it gets us, and more importantly, the crowd going. It's definitely one of the tracks that got us excited about DJing in the first place.

4. Do it Again - Shinichiro Yokota
Co-founder Sage picked up the record 'Sounds From the Far East' whilst in Berlin's Hardwax record store. It was just a lucky coincidence that we fell in love with the record, as we had no prior knowledge of it.

5. Julia - Daphni and Owen Pallett
A more recent one, 'Julia,' seems to get overlooked along side Daphni's (Caribou) more high profile releases. Done in collaboration with fellow Canadian experimental pop artist Owen Pallett, it's an amazingly bold, electro-acoustic, sub-filled killer.

6. Skeng - The Bug
A grime classic, it embodies South London's angsty energy and pairs it with a stripped-back, brooding, dubstep-twinged beat. This was the soundtrack to finding our adulthood in South London. "No problem....mmm...SKENG."

7. Tired - OMAAR
Sage's cousin lives in Mexico City and turned her on to the label N.A.A.F.I, who put out some really aggressive and eclectic dance music. Omaar wouldn't sound out of place on a line-up beside London grime artists, Mumdance or Murlo, in our opinion.

8. Take Me Over (Thee Loving Hand Remix by Tim Goldsworthy) – Cut Copy
We've been huge fans of Tim Goldsworthy, from his time in UNKLE through to the work he's done with Hercules and Love Affair and beyond. Here's his remix of Cut Copy's "Take Me Over," which we fell in love with a few years back. Tim is playing our next club night, this Saturday December 5th at the Bunker in Deptford, which should be very exciting!

9. Spectral Split - Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory
We think this song strikes the perfect balance of minimalist, live instrumentation with the intricately beautiful bell carillon and techno production. Though we've singled out one song, Hendrik Weber (Pantha Du Prince) has said that the album is meant to be listened to as an entire work "much like a DJ mix." We love the way he creates emotional highs and lows, moments of triumph and turmoil, much like a good DJ set should.

10. Moth - Burial & Four Tet
This 2011 Burial & Four Tet collab is our go-to choice on a nightbus journey home from a night out. The mental haze, the sun coming up, it's all brought to life in these 9 minutes and 7 seconds.

Tickets for Orphan Records presents Tim Goldsworthy are available right here on Ticket Tannoy. See below for further information…