Drawing on a Nordic aesthetic, Oslo Hackney offers a welcoming and ambient feel; with the perfect acoustics to suit the wholesome sounds of Until The Ribbon Breaks. Located in a former railway station near where Hackney central now sits, this is another example of an electronic music haven rustled up by National Rail; (albeit with no intention whatsoever.)

et in intimate surrounding, this is an ideal spot for those that want to appreciate top musicianship and live performances up close. You’ll be able to say the vibrations of every string, and the push of every button, as the wood splinters on one of the bands drum pads.

With a diverse musical programme that ranges from experimental electronic to live acts and bands, you can be sure UTRB nestle comfortably in-between these. Also a great place for grabbing some food in the day and socializing, we’ll be pushing the tables to the side later this month as we bring in the 3-piece outfit. Fresh off the back of a tour supporting London Grammar, you can be sure the Welsh trio have been pushing all the right buttons to get to the top.

Until The Ribbon Breaks Live | Tuesday February 24th | 7.30pm | Oslo Hackney

1a Amhurst Road, E8 1LL, London

Tickets £10+BF

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