Popof is a connoisseur of the clubs, whilst holding up a reputation for being one of the most revered producers within the minimal techno and house scene. Hailing from Paris, Popof cites his early influences as KLF, Snap, Technotronic, Ace of Base and Culture Beats, and these were the artists that inspired him to embrace turnatablism-getting heavily involved in the local rave scene.

Being a Parisian it’s not surprising that there’s a distinctive electro nuance that pulsates through his productions and dj sets. A former member of the free-party underground collective “Heretik System”, Popof has now participated as a solo artist for many years and become one of the most chereished acts in Cocoon’s fruitful history.

His cutting edge tracks are made within the best traditions of techno mixed with a sip of tech-house, which always brings the girls to the dancefloor. It’s the experience and variety of sounds that he’s passionate about that gives him his extensive creativity whilst DJing. For this reason he is a firm favourite on the terraces at Amnesia when Cocoon are taking over. To him, djing is easy and just a task that needs to be done. The hard bit is picking the right tracks, but that comes easy when you have an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of electronic music having immersed himself in it for so long.