The Doctor’s Orders have been throwing unpretentious parties for fans of real music that care more about feeling good than looking good since 2005. As the first point of call for the biggest names in Hip-Hop and beyond The Doctor’s Orders have hosted a who’s who of the world’s best DJs & MCs in many of the finest venues throughout London, Brighton & Manchester. We caught up with resident DJ Spin Doctor for a quick chat about The Doctors Orders - past, present and future. 

So, Spin - please tell us a little bit about The Doctors Orders… where the name came from and how the concept came together? 

I was throwing parties under various names at the time and had been hassling the booked at my favourite venue Herbal for a date. He gave a one off date in July 2005 which I did as a birthday party and as I am called Spin Doctor the name The Doctor's Orders made sense. The party went so well that they offered us a monthly and so the name stuck.

The concept has always been simple. We throw the best Hip-Hop parties in town, with the emphasis on the party. We are not about coming and acting cool but about getting down and dirty to the best Hip-Hop, soul, RnB, Garage and more. 

You guys have been in the business of putting on parties for almost a decade now. What in your opinion is the key to running a successful party?

For me the real key is to make everyone feel welcome. From friends and celebs to the randoms off the street. For us everyone is a great leveller and we want everyone to feel the party is for them. 

We do not allow any attitude and have never taken ourselves too seriously. The hope is that the focus is solely on having fun. We’re really looking forward to your forthcoming 10th birthday celebrations on Saturday 12th September with DJ Premier, The Four Owls and Fatima. Tell us a little bit more about this particular event, the artists performing and what it means to you…

For us to have been doing this for a decade is quite a feat. We started as a little party and now put on 300+ parties and live shows a year so we are celebrating in style with this live show from some of our favourite artists. We have always had a combination of US and UK guests play our parties. 

When we heard DJ Premier, who has played for us 3-4 times over the years was putting a live band together we had to get involved. His is the quintessential NYC Hip-Hop sound that we love so much. The Four Owls have been one of the most exciting acts to emerge from our home shores in a while. The Hip-Hop group is a rare thing these days with most MCs preferring to go solo and the dynamic these guys have is great. Lastly we have the queen of digi-soul, Fatima.

We have known each other for years and she has been to loads of our parties over the years so made perfect sense for her to celebrate with us.

How do your parties today differ from your parties ten years ago? 

I will be honest the ethos is exactly the same. Great music + Great DJs + Great acts + Great venues = Great Parties. We have always avoided what I call DJ bars where they stick a shitty sound in a pub and book promoters. We only deal with proper solid venues with good sound.

We have of course moved with the times and now some of our parties are perhaps a little less underground musically than they once were but you gotta give the people what they want! 

Who has been your favourite guest DJ or artist to date and why? 

Man that is a tough one as some  acts have become genuine friends. For me the joy has been to build relationships with heroes of mine. There are a bunch that fall into this category; Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, Bobbito, Just Blaze, Rodney P, Mr Thing all fall into this category. They all rock a party and are super cool.

Which 5 tracks best sum up your party?

Pharcyde - Runnin.

Slum Village - Raise It Up

Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation

Rodney P - Nice Up

Toto - Africa

What would your ultimate line up be, dead or alive? 

J-Dilla / Jazzy Jeff / A Tribe Called Quest / James Brown / DJ EZ

What else do you have planned for the rest of 2015?

We have just announced our 2nd 10th Birthday Party at Scala on 23rd October and we are launching a party in New York which we are really excited about! 

Is there anything else you would like to mention? 

I would just like to thank everyone that has performed and partied with us over the last 10 years. We have an incredible crowd and a dream team of resident DJs in Mr Thing, Mo Fingaz, Russ Ryan and MC Prankster who make this shit happen!