Hi Mike, thank you for taking the time out to have a little chat with us ahead of your forthcoming Slamboree show at Boomtown presents Mayfair Avenue at Brixton Electric. Have you performed or partied at the venue before and how?

Hell yeah! This venue is a huge favourite of the Slamboree family now. We have performed twice with the full live show to a seriously up-for-it crowd. Last year’s gig with Caravan Palace was a serious yardstick for us all.

For anyone that may not already know - please tell us a bit more about the ‘Pyro Circus Rave Massive’ that is Slamboree. What do you get up to on stage and what can we expect to see and hear from you on the night?

When we do a full live show people can expect bass heavy electronic music, live violin, brass, percussion, full drum kit, bass guitar, samplers & synths with a powerhouse diva at the forefront. All accompanied by talented theatrical performers bringing it all to life in immersive and fun ways, with a bit of visual trickery from a lighting / fx crew we work closely with.

For this show however we are doing a Slamboree Soundsystem set, which is a smaller scale DJ/MC show with special guest performers. This enables us to still try new music and weave it with some of our favourite up-and-coming tracks whilst we are working on new full live shows with the band in time for the summer tour.

We understand that Slamboree has become quite a regular fixture at Boomtown Festival and other Boomtown related events over the last few years. How did you first get involved and what makes performing at Boomtown so special?

Boomtown really met us with open arms in 2011 when I first sent them a promo we had put together showing this idea where a band meets a circus. They pulled some last minute strings and managed to host us on the main stage before Goldie Looking Chain on the Saturday which instantly gave us some serious recognition, momentum and inspired us to see how far we can take this whole project on a large festival stage.

In the year that followed the Boomtown organisers offered us the epic task of writing them a theme tune for the festival which led to me phoning up Kathika Rabbit for the first time. I'd been blown away by her insane stage presence and vocal skills at Boomtown 2011 and knew she would go ballistic with this concept. We worked closely with the band to weave lots of the festival's genres with the vision of producing some creating some kind of dance music equivalent to Bohemian Rhapsody. The track ended up as a Balkan, ska, breakbeat, reggae, drum and bass piece and was easily the most fun and exciting project I've had the pleasure to work on.

You must have witnessed many weird and wonderful sights at Boomtown over the years. What are your fondest Boomtown memories to date?

Partying with the Mad Caddies backstage in 2012 was pretty epic and fulfilled the dreams of our 15 year old selves. They even played our friend Suzi her favourite song at midnight on her birthday and she lost control a bit!

Our town centre gig 2012 was just all round ace. Folk legend Beans on Toast got onstage with us and pronounced to the crowd "This ISN'T Boomtown!!! This is England!!", then later when we played the Boomtown song and everyone started singing it back to us everything really hit home. Truly special times.

Also seeing Molotov Jukebox's frontman take to the stage completely naked with a Slamboree sticker over his 'assets'.

With Ed Solo & Deekline, Dunkelbunt and Molotov Jukebox also headlining the party, it certainly looks like you’re in good company. Are we likely to find you out on the dance-floor before or after your set and who are you most looking forward to seeing?

We've got a lot of love for all these lot. What a roundup!! I don't think I could even pick one unless Molotov pull out their naked sticker frolics again! We'll be hitting it hard on the dancefloor throughout the night and seeing this one right to the end that's for sure!

What does the rest of 2015 have in store for Slamboree?

I can finally say this is the year we finish the debut album once and for all. It's been a long time coming but the sound has really taken shape into something we are all happy with. If a new track doesn't give goosebumps to our performers on first listen we have a serious reappraisal. But we feel we've got the formula just right now. So yeah, knuckling down and deciding the best way to release this badboy!