Roman Flügel has undoubtedly become of the biggest names on the German electronic music circuit. He first started releasing his own productions in the early 1990’s, visiting many styles from ambient to house, techno, electro and leftfield, working either solo or with his long time partner, Jorn Elling Wuttke. He is also the co-founder of revered record labels Ongaku, Klang and Playhouse.

Although Flügel is now focusing on releasing and playing music under his real name, he has dedicated almost his entire life to releasing music via countless aliases. He has also published music alongside Wuttke under a variety of alter egos - Acid Jesus, Holy Garage and Sensorama, just to namedrop a few.

We take a look at some of our favourite Roman Flügel pseudonyms.


Roman IV

The Roman IV project emerged in 1995 with the exclusive vinyl release of the (14x7x4) / Altes Testament EP. Roman IV explores the deeper elements of four, four rhythms. Groove orientated and space for the productions to breathe, most of these tracks are firmly designed for the dance floor.



Ro70 was a brief project, which saw Flugel working on records in collaboration with Move D but also individually. Under the penname of Ro70, one album was released in early 1995, which explored the dubbier side of techno and ambient music. The album was flawlessly brought together - atmospheric, melodic but driving. Although Ro70 was only active between 1995 and 1998, I don’t think would be surprised to see Flugel return under his darker alliance.


Soylent Green

Despite the content released under his birth name, Soylent Green has been the most consistent endeavour for Flugel over the years. Soylent Green concentrates more on minimal textures, not about what you add to the track but what you don’t, letting each element hold its own space. Releasing records pretty consistently over ten years between 1996 and 2007, it has now almost been a further ten since we have seen Flugel release with Soylent Green.

Catch the many faces of Roman Flugel performing at Patterns on 22nd October.


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