Long before Nina Kraviz was interviewed in a bath, she became known as electronic music’s most prominent Russian DJ. A true trailblazer, no other artist from the continent has broken through with such class or prominence. Aside from its first lady of techno, Russia is a country with a tight knit house and techno scene. Here are some of its key players to get to know and love.


Booker at The Volks agency, promoter at Vanilla Ninja and DJ in her own right, each mix of Vlada’s is pure quality - stripped back, eclectic and groovy. Catch her spinning with Tini or at festivals like Into the Valley and Sunwaves this summer.



Abelle is best known for her magical afterhours sets – a blend of the deeper, darker sides of techno and minimal house that the Russian contingent represents so well, mixed with modern disco, never clinging to any specific genre. In 2008 she opened a new nightclub - Arma17, which almost immediately changed the way Moscow lives its nightlife. Now legendary, Arma17 is a cornerstone of Moscow's underground scene, with Abelle very much at the centre of it.



Hailing from Volzhski in the South or Russia, Poima are two techno heads playing rough and trippy sounds across the country. If their Boiler Room from 2015 is much to go by, their live set is really something to keep tabs on.


Resident and programmer of Moscow’s famous Gipsy club, Roustam has been killing it for years on the international house circuit. Regularly playing for tINI and the gang, Next Wave and Half Baked, he has had solo releases on Nilla and All Inn Records and as part of the Special Case trio, has releases on Culprit and Souvenir.





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