With a new album – Connected – out now, Shadow Child took time to show us the tools behind it - some of his favourite studio equipment.

His Cambridge studio is a mixture of vintage classics and contemporary selections. Of software he comments: ‘I made some of my best music on Reason and I still use it today’, whilst his selection of hardware it includes a Minimoog, a Sequential Pro 1, Roland’s TR-808 and 909, as well as their JV-2080.

Connected (Food Music) features collaborations from Bodhi, T Williams, Huxley, Ben Pearce, S.P.Y and more and also includes exclusive remixes of two undisputed club classics, Future Sound Of London’s Papua New Guinea and Jaydee’s Plastic Dreams.

Catch Shadow Child at the London Fields Brewery on November 19.



Roland TR909 - Drum Machine


Drum Machine You can hear this on loads of my stuff.. notably 'Work'. The most famous 'house music' drum sounds. 9 times out of 10 when you hear these sounds I'm using the real thing.


Roland Jupiter 8 - Synth


Synth This is one of my prize possessions studio-wise.. arguably Roland's best. It's the bassline on my Mary J Blige remix, and does the arpeggio on 'Lullaby' amongst loads more.


Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 - Synth 


This machine is killer. For a new synth it boasts a lot of what true original analogue's do, but in its own way. It's the lead synth on 'Work'.

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