A couple of weeks ago we gave you the Sidexside headliner’s best bits - the best little known tracks from Jamie Jones, Guy Gerber and Leon Vynehall, ahead of their show at London’s Tobacco Dock on April 16.

SIDEXSIDE gives the DJs a platform to push boundaries and dig deeper into their record collections alongside some of their favourite acts, playing back to back all day long. Jamie Jones hosts the Great Gallery, Guy Gerber hosts the Car Park and Leon Vynehall hosts the Little Gallery. Each room has a flavour all of it’s own, as do the guests - expect forgotten classics, hidden treasures and guilty pleasures.

The first round of guests have been announced, in the shape of Art Department, Cassy, Dubfire, Josey Rebelle, Matthew Dear, Nicole Moudaber and Ryan Elliott. Before the b2b matches are announced, here’s some more top tracks to give you an insight into what to expect on the day.


Cassy – Back (Aus)

Long time Panorama Bar resident and all round badass, Cassy takes no prisoners both on and off the decks. A real collector, she traverses the right sides of house and techno, riding the pitch – no ostentatious button twiddling. Known first and foremost as a DJ, some of her older tracks are under the radar and thus a pleasure to stumble upon, but it’s 2016’s Back on Aus that made the most recent mark on us – co-produced by King Britt, it’s deep, moody, evocative and left-of- cenytre, much like the lady herself. Perfect kicks, vintage keyboard chords and understated enigmatic vocals abound. Do not miss.


Ryan Elliot – Abatis (Ostgut Ton)

Much like Cassy, Ryan Elliot is truly meaning it. Originally from Detroit and now residing in Berlin, he’s one half of A&R for Spectral Sounds and has held residencies in both cities. Berghain / Panorama Bar is the latest club that he calls home – so it’s fitting that our top Elliot pick is from the legendary Ostgut Ton compilation ‘Funf’, released in 2010 to mark the label’s fifth birthday. Other tracks on the compilation include Prosumer’s Daybreak, Murat Tepeli’s seminal Hold On, Shed’s Boom Room and more from the Ostgut all-stars, back when it was really novel. A track that absolutely screams Panorama Bar, Abatis is dark, moody, smooth techno at it’s best. Incidentally, Ryan Elliot went on to mix Panorama Bar 6, released in 2014, and it’s one hell of a compilation.


Matthew Dear - Little People (Mark E remix) (Ghostly International)

As his biography explains - depending on whom you ask, Matthew Dear is a DJ, a dance- music producer, an experimental pop artist, a bandleader. Or Audion” – and indeed his discog contains plenty of fodder even just going on Audion alone. The chances are you will have heard this many times without knowing what it is. One of the better known offerings from the Brooklyn-based producer’s career-defining third album, Little People is clearly inspired by late '70s Bowie – it’s distant and chilly, yet serene and melodic. At nine minutes long, Dear takes the scenic route – it’s an end-of- night staple, the soundtrack to hours of dancefloor bonding. The original dub is enough, but Mark E fine tunes it into something addictive – a chuggy, zen disco classic.




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