After landing in the Garden of Tisno earlier this summer for Hospitality On the Beach, Hospital Records return to the UK for the fourth edition of its London-based festival. Hospitality In the Park crashes down in Finsbury Park on Saturday 21st September - and it’s going to be a riot.

To talk you through the walkthrough, we’re going to tackle the circuit in a clockwise motion in every decreasing circles. Basically, we’re going to walk the perimeter first and end up slapbang in the middle of the site. Just a pointer though, toilets, lockers and the welfare area will be immediately on the doorstep as you enter - as is the information point. Going through the gates and hugging left, the first music arena we’re going to come across is curated by our friends from Outlook.



Using their industry links from a decade of festivals in Croatia, Outlook has compiled quite the programme on this satellite stage. Throughout the day you can catch 24 Hour Garage Girls, Chimpo, Mala, dBridge and DJ Marky.


Food Court

After this, you’ll find yourself in the top north east corner of the site which also happens to be where the food court is located. When you’re dancing all day, food is almost as important as the music. Cheeky Burgers offer succulent gourmet burgers with signature rosemary-seasoned fries. Meanwhile, Hidden Pizza cook both deep pan and thin crust variations in their stone-bake oven. You can grab Pad Thai, green curry or crispy pancake rolls from Lost In Thailand or spicy chicken wraps from Mama Jerk. Little Green Trailer put an artisan spin on traditional breakfast and brunch options, while vegans will be catered for by plant-based hotdogs Popdogs and Say Cheese. Within close proximity is another of the smaller stages. Main Squeeze will sees sets from Shortee Blitz, Mo Fingaz and BobaFatt.


Dubplate Style

As we head down towards the southern tip of the site we reach the first expansive stage in Dubplate Style. Presented by S.P.Y., you’ll find certified scene legends playing here during the day. DJ Storm, Dillinja, LTJ Bukem and S.P.Y. himself. Plus, a throng of emcees will be joining them, including Dynamite MC, Chunky and Stamina MC.


Med School

Looping round at the bottom of the site and heading back up the west perimeter we’re going to next stumble across the stretched arches of Med School. Lenzman, Polaris, DRS and Ruthless MC are all acts found playing here.


Critical Sound

Having almost completed a lap, we next arrive at Critical Sound. Hosted by Kasra’s Critical Music, the boss has invited some star power to share the stage. Arguably the biggest of which are Bad Company UK, who are set to go B2B with Killbox. Other artists appearing include Mefjus, Break, Skeptical and Serum. SP:MC, 2Shy and QG are the MCs on show.


Royal Rumble x Run

Continuing around and inward, we’re almost in the middle of the festival grounds. Next we get to Royal Rumble x Run. Headline slot is awarded to the Kings of Rollers, but there a vast degree of talent on show here - and B2B fever. Roni Size matches up against D*Minds, Ed Solo with Serial Killaz and Barrington with Inter.


Cuckoo’s Nest

Before we get to the main stage, we come to perhaps the smallest stage of the festival… but everybody has to start somewhere. Hosted by House of Dinosaur, bedroom DJs are invited to bring their loaded USB sticks and compete to see if they’re the next big thing in drum and bass. Anybody interested should arrive early and make their way here to register and claim their slot time. Let battle commence! Good luck.



Finally, we reach the centre of the site: the Hospitality Main Stage. This is the main event and unsurprisingly, it isn’t short on talent. How about a special D&B set from Flava D? Then we also have Metrik and London Elektricity. Perhaps the two biggest acts of all manifest in the form of the legendary Danny Byrd and Camo & Krooked. Absolutey stacked!


Of course, there will be extras scattered around the site - so it’s always worth exploring. If you want to be extra prepared, download the WOOV app to your smart phone and add Hospitality In the Park to your account. Set-times, festival information and any updates will be communicated here. Very handy, as plans can change from time to time.

Final release tickets are on sale now. Hurry though, last few tickets remain until the festival completely sells out.

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