Once upon a time in East London on any given Sunday afternoon, a mixed up crowd of international club kids, hipsters, disco queens and creative types got down to the groove – makeshift dance floors in pubs, courtyards, car parks - even public toilets – burst at the seams with after-hours revellers.

That was back in the mid-2000’s, when Shoreditch’s underground contingent hailed Sunday as the pinnacle of their party week. This tradition somehow died with the onset of gentrification, decline of late licenses and closure of key venues like T Bar, Turnmills and The End.

Fledgling party Social Joy continues in the spirit of promoters Trade, Kubicle, and Low Key, with Sunday afternoon as it’s focus. Based at the London Fields Brewhouse in the heart of the East London, the venue receives a special makeover for each event. Promoter Guilhem Monin explains – “the colourful decorations on display are mirrored by the colourful sets that the artists booked to play at Social Joy seem to deliver… What makes the event so unique is that performers are given the freedom to play how they wish, which often sees them delving a bit deeper, perhaps a bit more abstract but without a doubt reaching for more 'musical' selections than what we are used to hearing at parties.”

Just three parties in it is cultivating a following of dedicated, music-focused regulars. Guests have included Sunday stars James Priestly (SecretSundaze) and Johnny Rock (of Dig Your Own Rave / T-Bar fame) and guests such as Trus’me and Remi Mazet. The next instalment sees Rhythm Section’s own Al Dobson Junior journey north of the river, on October 23.

Hang up your slippers – Sunday is still for dancing, after all.


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