On Friday 14th June German techno producer Christian Burkhardt presents the We Sounds OFF week rooftop pool party inviting the very talented Cuartero and Andre Buljat.

We were lucky enough to catch up on his recent gigs, production and what to expect ahead of OFF week celebrations... 


Hi Christian. How are things with you at the moment? You’ve had a busy run of gigs in Europe... how did they go?

I am really good, thanks. Yeah, always traveling, playing nice gigs and studio time.


You’re hometown is Heidelberg, but we see you’re currently living in Frankfurt. What motivated you to to relocate?

I moved in 2000 to Frankfurt and build my first studio outside my house. I quickly made all connections to the techno people living here.


How do you spend most of your ‘music’ time? Producing or buying records/mixing? 

I am more the producer guy, but selecting/collecting is also a big part of course.


If producing, do you give yourself any deadlines to make one track from start to finish?

I don’t set a deadline when I start. But I mostly get the idea down in one session, followed by a mixing and correction session the next day.


You’ve been producing since the early 2000s and have released on your own label Christian Burkhardt Sessions - have you got any releases for CBS or any other labels in the pipeline?

I had a little break with CBS as I wanted to do some releases on other labels. After summer I will continue the label with some proper music.


How is the relationship between you and co-producer Daniel Roth? How did the Wrong Bed EP come about?

I meet Nils (his real name) when I moved to Frankfurt and since then we are best buddies. He is a painter and sculptor and does music just for fun. We always have a little party at the studio without any production rules. We just playing around with sound and recording it. So I don’t remember in detail how "wrong bed" went down and where the title is coming from :)  


This is around your tenth year playing in BCN during OFF week - Can partygoers expect anything different from you this year? 

Cuartero, Andre and Me playing a b2b2b the last hour, you can expect fresh and funky house vibes.  


Can you remember the funniest or best moment ever you’ve had playing during OFF week? 

Playing here since more than ten years, so many stories, especially with my bro Andre Buljat, we def will have some new stories to tell after 14th June.


Are you looking forward to playing on the intimate rooftop for the We Sounds Pool Party? 

I love to play small venues as you have a direct contact to the people. Plus a rooftop and a pool, what more to ask for?

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