Erick Morillo recently spoke to LWE regarding his upcoming appearance at Labyrinth London Saturday 31st March over Easter Weekend. Watch the video below.

“Legend” is a tag that thrown recklessly around the industry. But when it comes to Erick Morillo – the term “legend” is more than justified. He began DJ aged just 11-years old after becoming fascinating with turntablism. Spending his childhood between New Jersey and Columbia, he was exposed to an eclectic assortment of music, including hip-hop, reggae and latin. In his later teens he enrolled on a music engineering course and was introduced to house music. It was during these formative years than he started rubbing shoulders with Kenny Dope and Louie Vega.

1997 was the year that things really took off for Morillo. Alongside close-friend and studio partner Harry Romero – somebody who he regularly collaborates with to this day – he launched Subliminal Records. The label would become known for soulful, vocal house and a successful party series followed. It would rule the roost on Wednesday nights at Pacha Ibiza for an incredible thirteen year run, from 2000-2012.

Morillo’s departure from Pacha coincided with a changing of the guard, as long term programmer Danny Whittle moved onto pastures new. In retrospect, it was a blessing in disguise. Morillo had been secretly battling addiction demons. “My ego couldn’t take that I wasn’t top dog anymore. That’s when things started to unravel.”  At the height of his drug misuse he almost lost his arm. It allowed him to take a step-back and take stock of the situation. His hiatus would last two-years.

He returned in 2014 on a reduced-scheduled, but with renewed optimism and vigour. It would be a further three-years until he got the opportunity to return to Pacha. But when Hot Since 82 put the call in, it was a no brainer. In a true passing of the baton – from one legend to a legend of the future – Erick Morillo made three guest appearances alongside HS82 in Labyrinth’s debut year. After all, the concept of the party was about celebrating the new and the old.

Daley spoke of visiting Ibiza in his twenties, and partying to Morillo at Pacha – so it was poetic in more ways than one. It was great to have him back on his old stomping ground, with that beaming smile! With his darkest days behind him, Morillo now move into a new phase in his career. Playing at Labyrinth London next to Hot Since 82 marks a return to one of his favourite cities. We can’t wait. He can’t wait! And we’re expecting to see lots of smiles at Tobacco Dock on the day – not least one from behind the DJ booth in the Great Gallery.

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