We caught up with Max Van Dijk Elston, Edmund Fitzgerald and Oliver Hiam - the team behind London based party brand Tessellate, to find out what’s been going on, what’s coming up, where to shop, where to eat and most importantly - where to party in London this summer!

So guys, tell us a bit about Tessellate - where the name came from and how the parties first came about?

We started off doing parties on a Tuesday night in Room 2 of XOYO. For the first one it was just us and some of our mates DJing for £3 on the door. From there we moved onto doing weekend slots at Plan B before moving around East London for a while and finally settling at Corsica Studios!

How long have you been clubbing in London and what are your fondest memories from over the years?

Ed: I grew up in the South-West of England so I probably didn’t first go out in London until 2008 or so. I used to be a big fan of the Standard Place nights when they were at the Alibi in Dalston

Max: First went to fabric when I was 16 to see Stanton Warriors. I thought that was amazing at the time. When I was at Uni I spent a lot of my time at The Nest.

What is your favourite venue / party space in London at the moment?

Oli: Corsica Studios!

Ed: Corsica Studios and their day venue The Paperworks, but it's closing soon :(

Max: Corsica Studios!

…and what about the past - the ones that have sadly since closed down for one reason or another?

Ed: Ghost on Toast

Max: I never went but Trash at The End sounded great.

What’s the best thing about London in the summer?

Ed: Sitting in parks and going to watch the cricket at Lords or the Oval

Max: Going out in just a tee shirt/not being cold in general.

Which 3 tracks will forever remind you of London?


Ed: Ramadanman x SX - Woo Glut <<CLICK TITLE TO LISTEN

Pariah - Orpheus <<CLICK TITLE TO LISTEN



Max: Mount Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake Remix)<<CLICK TO TITLE TO LISTEN

The Streets - Has It Come to This?  <<CLICK TO TILE TO LISTEN

Skream - Dutch Flowerz  <<CLICK TITLE TO LISTEN

Which is your favourite record shop in London?

Oli: Phonica!

Ed: Phonica!

Max: Phonica!

What’s the best place for food?

Oli: For my day job I run a stall at Borough Market called Scotchtails so I’ll have to say that!

Ed: Super Kebab on the Kingsland road, which is officially the best Kebab in the UK. They have a machine that cuts the Doner meat automatically. Also Noodle Street in the Docklands which does amazing Asian delivery, the Ho Fun is particularly good.

Max: Caravaggio's in Camberwell or Honest Burger.

What about ‘other’ shops - clothes, art, whatever…

Ed: Goodhood is nice

Max: Dunno why but I love the home department in John Lewis. It’s very peaceful and relaxing in there. I don’t buy anything I just walk around and look at everything.

Are there any secret gems in London that you wish to share with us?

Ed: There are 2 pizza places, one called ICCO and one called ECCO that do a takeaway margherita for £3.50.

Max: I actually showed Ed ECCO. There are actually multiple establishments, not just one. As well as cheap and decent pizza its also BYOB and they let you put on your own music. Also this park in Holborn called Lincoln’s Inn Fields is really nice but you wouldn’t know it unless someone showed you. It’s not very secret but The Barbican is so cool and seems underrated.

Besides your own events, who else is putting on good parties in London?

Ed: Tief lineups are always strong, Deadly Rhythm likewise, Sista Sista at XOYO.

Max: All the Corsica lot (Church, Tief, Find Me In The Dark, Trouble Vision etc.) and Sista Sista.

And finally, what else can we expect from Tessellate this year?

We’re doing a couple of festivals in July, Reasons in Jersey and Stop Making Sense in Croatia. Then after that we have our day and night summer party at Shapes with Christopher Rau, Youandewan and Antal. We’ve got Tessellate events coming up in September, October and December which will all be revealed soon. In between all that we’ll also be playing at various venues across London such as Dalston Roof Park and The Nest.

Don't forget, you can grab your Tickets for the Tessellate Canalside party with Christopher Rau, Youandewan and Antal are available HERE: