We asked London based party crew Tessellate to have a dig back through their record collections and tell us a little bit about the top five tracks which have been doing it for them and their party goers alike during the course of summer 2015.

1. Christopher Rau - Simple Setup <<CLICK TITLE

A great summer chill track from a couple years back. A stuttered arpeggiator glides alongside an 808 while some bloke and a woman quietly have an argument in the background. Ideal for when youre recovering on your lilo on a beach somewhere in Croatia.


Bit of an obvious one but we were lucky enough to have Koze play our boat party at Stop Making Sense in Croatia. Suffice to say he smashed it. This went off also.

3. Da Posse - In the Heat of the Night (Vocal Mix) <<CLICK TITLE

Saw Jeremy Paris drop this one at Secret Sundaze back in May. The whole track feels pretty creepy but that vocal in particular is so unsettling and disturbing - its amazing.

4. Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flügel - Hachinoko <<CLICK TITLE

Simian Mobile Disco played at this great little festival in Jersey called Reasons. They were doing the final set on this tiny little stage with about 3/400 people gathered round it. Loads of smoke was going and there was some trees overhanging - it felt like some private woodland rave. This came on and it complemented the scene perfectly.

5. Galcher Lustwerk - Parlay <<CLICK TITLE

I was a bit late to the party with that 100% Galcher mix having only got into it this summer, but it has been my go to post night out listening these last couple months. A lot of the tracks only came out this year though including this one. Perfect summer sleaze.

Dont forget - Tessellate will be back at Londons Corsica Studios on Friday 25th September with guests Omar S, Marcus Worgull and San Soda. Tickets for the party are available right here on Ticket Tannoy!