We caught up with the team behind Bristol based party brand Subsist to find out what’s been going on at their events, what’s coming up, where to shop, where to eat and most importantly… where to PARTY in their beautiful home city.

So guys, where did the name Subsist come from and how did the parties first come about?

The Music at our nights is dominated by dark Sub bass so people get an instant impression of what we’re about. A friend of ours who used to help run Subsist came up with the name in the small hours of the morning after a bender! We are all about feeling that bass hit you like a punch to the chest!

How long have you been clubbing in Bristol and what are your fondest memories from over the years?

Most of us moved to Bristol to study around 2009. We all became friends through a mutual interest in music and clubbing was a massive part of that. Fabriclive albums such as Caspa and Rusko, Noisia and Commix were key back then. Having grown up in areas where no one was putting on nights with these types of artists, coming to Bristol was the first real opportunity we had to go out and hear all these tunes we were feeling on a big system. Some of our fondest memories have to be from Motion, remembering Run putting on a night w/ Chase and Status & Caspa around 2010. Walking into Motion Skate Park and just soaking up the atmosphere, it was like nothing we had experience before.

Over recent times it’s some of the smaller nights that are just as memorable. Jamming in a club with 100 – 200 like-minded people all feeling the music or just hearing some new and interesting styles is always great.

What is your favourite venue / party space in Bristol at the moment?

Currently we’re putting on parties at Timbuk2 so definitely have to give them a mention. It’s one of Bristol’s best underground venues and has been for a number of years. We’re working hard to bring some exciting artists there in 2016, it’s a great underground club, decent size and has diverse music, very happy that we've secured our residency there for 2016.

What is the best thing about Bristol in the winter?

The In:Motion series from September – January is always a good way to stay warm. They bring the biggest artists from all over the world to Bristol and there’s plenty of variety to keep everyone happy.

What is the best record shop in Bristol?

Idle Hands is the obvious choice as it has all the sickest releases from across the spectrum. It’s a relatively small shop so they ensure every new record is fire. The RePsycho basement has the best vintage collection and some hidden treasures if you dig deep enough. Again the space is relatively small but its filled with records floor to ceiling . Great way to spend an afternoon.

Your favourite hangout spot?

St. Andrews park is great for chilling in the summer with some food and a few beers.

Where is the best place for food in Bristol?

There are so many great food spots I’m gonna pick a few local to me. Casa Mexicana is one of my favorite restaurants. The food is always top quality, decent portions and staff are friendly. Everyone needs to try their Mexican style lamb shank.

Maximillions is the place to go for sandwiches. Their fillings change every time you go in too so you never know what to expect. Best burger award goes to Hobgoblin, the perfect hangover remedy.

Besides your own events, who else is putting on a decent party in Bristol at the moment?

So many to choose from but Format Bristol are doing a great job bringing underground Dubstep vibes into Bristol. They’ve made some fantastic bookings like Geode, LSN and Biome and that’s really what Dubstep is great for; dark room, dark sounds and heads down. We had the pleasure of co-hosting an event with them earlier in the year with Sukh Knight & Squarewave headlining it went off!

Emerging night and label PRJKTS are one to watch. They’ve put on a couple of great little parties and hosted rooms for us at Subsist. Focusing on the Club sound they’re one to keep an eye on in 2016.

And finally, what else can we expect from Subsist in the new year?

We have a run of 6 shows at Timbuk2 starting with our 1st Birthday in January with J:Kenzo & Nomine. Nomine has brought out a stunning album this year on Tempa and we are delighted to be hosting him as part of his Inside Nomine Tour. We are all about bringing new exciting sounds to the scene and feature artists that are consistently pushing boundaries whatever the genre may be. There’s a few artists we’re looking to bring over from outside the UK for Bristol debuts so fingers crossed we can make that happen as well.

Tickets for Subsist’s 1st birthday event on Friday 29th January are available right here on Ticket Tannoy. You can also claim 20% off when you purchase 5 or more tickets, just use promo code ‘sub20' at the checkout.