We caught up with Tribal Sessions & Sankeys resident DJ Jozef K to fire a few hard to answer, multiple choice questions his way ahead of his next London show at Fire on Friday 27th November.

House or Techno?

HOUSE! I love techno, I prefer to watch techno acts when I am out myself, not that I get much chance these days! But I don’t play many tracks in my sets. I only usually play techno if a set is going really well and I want to keep the intensity rising. Once I have gone through my deep house, Chicago house, NYC garage house, tribal house, tech house and acid records there is only one place left to turn... which is the direction of our cold, mechanical and relentless friend… TECHNO. Now I am writing this I feel bad for neglecting her, maybe will try to play a little more, though it is nice to save for special occasions.

House just feels right for me, I try not to overthink why, it is just my natural choice :-)

Vinyl or CDs?

USBs! I love Rekordbox - I’m a huge set planner (aka NERD!) and spend hours tailoring my sets and love the functionality this software provides.

Party or After-Party?

Party; the after party is usually spent in analysis whereas the party is totally in the moment.

Day or Night?

My two favourite times of day are super late at night and early in the morning, so I don’t get much sleep!

Summer or Winter?

It’s ying and yang, growing up in Northern England I have grown accustomed to bleak winters and sometimes amidst the height of the Ibiza season heat I crave some darkness. On the other hand sometimes on a dreary evening in Manchester I miss my beach in Figueretas.

I would say I find Winter time much more inspiring to create music, or maybe there is just nothing better to do.

Easy or Hard?

Hard - all of the best things any of us have ever achieved come from the times we have dug deep and put in our best efforts. Nothing comes easy and looking for the easier option is cowardly. A well fought arduous battle is much more fulfilling than a quick victory; even losing such a fight can be more rewarding than a cheap win.

Tickets for the next Tribal Sessions London event on Friday 27th November with special guest Deetron are available right here on Ticket Tannoy. See below for further information…