1. Guy J
A staple of Bedrock for many years, fads come-and-go like the wind, but Guy J has remained true to his sound. Currently dominating the Beatport Progressive House chart with each track from his West On Mars EP in the Top 100, Guy J is noticeable by his longevity.

2. Hernán Cattáneo
Always keen to stress he plays “melodic music” over any singular sub-strain of electronic music, from trance fans, to those of tech house - the Argentinian DJ is one of the few acts who appeals across the board. Equally at home playing marathon sets as he is playing B2B alongside contemporaries Nick Warren or Guy Mantzur, Hernán is a superstar no matter which continent you visit.

3. Henry Saiz
Saiz’s broad tastes spans electronica, disco, house and techno, but it perhaps progressive house that he is most commonly associated with. His Madrid-based imprint Natura Sonoris has been putting-out forward-thinking electronic music since 2008, and was recently the focus of the latest Balance mix – compiled and mixed by the boss himself.

4. Cristoph
A more recent addition to the list, Geordie Cristoph’s first dalliances with prog first appeared in his 2016 Knee Deep studio album ‘8-track’. Since then he has shown further inlets into the genre with releases on Last Night On Earth and Pryda, not to mention a collaboration with Jeremy Olander. He’d never class himself as a full-blown prog house producer – and neither would we. But at a time when monotonous tech house is boring everybody to tears, Cristoph’s ability to mix things up is a welcomed reprieve.

5. Sasha & John Digweed
In 2015 we never thought we’d see the original Renaissance duo play together again. But by 2016 they’d buried the (rumoured) hatchet and in 2017 they embarked on a worldwide tour in association with Ultra’s underground-brand Resistance, including a 7-week run at Privilege Ibiza. Okay, so it’s a bit of a tenuous link since their sound has evolved a lot since their heyday. But whilst they’re currently playing tougher, techier sets, that distinctive uplifting influence is still very much present.

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