Electronic European trio Better Lost Than Stupid (BLTS) - aka Matthias Tanzmann, David Squillace, and Martin Buttrich - have been good friends and DJ partners for nearly a decade.

The story behind these three is a heartwarming one (soppy we know). They began partying together frequently from being booked at the same nights, so it was naturally only a matter of time before they wanted to play together.

They’ve managed to balance their solo careers and three way partnership perfectly, by each establishing their own labels and releasing their own music. As well as this, they have travelled the world together, co-producing tracks like ‘Dynamite’, and playing at events such as Exit festival, Welcome To The Future, Sonus, Creamfields, Circoloco to name a few. 

Last year the trio released their ‘Inside’ EP, and more recently they’ve been working on their debut album, plus a touring live show with dates yet to be revealed. 

Listen to their top tracks below:

Watching three friends play together in harmony brings another level of magic to the party, and reminds us that it’s all about bringing people together and enjoying those special moments. 

On Friday 31st May the trio reunite to play their second show together since 2017 at London’s The Steelyard. Don’t miss a special opportunity to see these three work their magic.


Tickets on sale now. Use promo code: 2FOR1

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