Jamie Adenuga, better known as JME has quickly established himself as one of the founding faces of the original grime movement. Grime is varied and literal, just like the people who make it, as well as those who listen to it.

The sound hit east and north London’s high-rise council blocks in the early 2000s with the likes of Wiley, Kano and Dizzee Rascal putting the genre on the map. Resurrected in recent years, it’s hard to deny the skill of many of it’s proponents. Grime, with furious intensity, directs it bars and messaging towards many young black people who felt they’ve lost their place in society, creating one of the biggest youth culture revolutions since punk.

Unlike most Grime MC’s, JME approaches his lyricism with both a sense of sincerity and humour whilst being straight to the point and often politically charged. In 96 Fuckries, he spits, “Reason Jme's lyrically sick recently, I don't pet with my words.” Take it from the man himself. We look at JME’s Top 5 bars.


“I use to log into my HSBC, talk about banks, kill em with Ps”

JME – Man Don’t Care


“Anyone of you cocaine snorting label executives that thinks you can take my integrity for a couple bags, think twice I make grime and I get paid.” 

JME – Integrity


“I moved on and I Dropped smokey out just like Jamal, I'm the eighth wonder of the world so come see me not the Taj Mahal.”

JME – Work


“They say you only use 10% of your brain, well I use six, if I was to use 10% man would start levitating shit. So if you don't like music I will send you into orbit, Tony Blair will be £50 overdrawn before I quit.”

JME – Murking


“I roll with Aaron & Aaron, Frequently I get stopped by the gammon, Coz my whip looks like it should be owned by Jeremy Clarkson or Richard Hammond.”

JME – 96 Fuckries


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